Letter, 8/20: Not entitlements

2012-08-19T23:55:00Z Letter, 8/20: Not entitlements JournalStar.com
August 19, 2012 11:55 pm

I am a senior citizen, and I receive Social Security benefits and Medicare coverage. I have been working since age 16 and have paid into both Social Security and Medicare all my working life (over 50 years).

In addition, approximately $95 a month is deducted from my Social Security benefit to pay for my Medicare coverage. Further, many senior citizens continue to work because of the unstable economy (myself included), and we pay a percentage of our earnings for Social Security and Medicare just as younger workers do.

I resent the implication of many people that seniors expect entitlements. These are not entitlements -- they are benefits we have worked for and paid for. Yes, we are now "entitled" to those benefits, but we do not deserve the negative implication that the current use of the word "entitlement" indicates.

Pat Kinney, Lincoln

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