Gov. Dave Heineman and a handful of state senators have made it abundantly clear they will turn their backs on at least 54,000 low-wage, working Nebraskans in dire need of health care.

At a recent news conference, the governor stated that uninsured residents who are just scraping by can meet their health care needs by eating right, exercising and turning to private charities for help.

The governor should put his money where his mouth is. I'm sure his yet-to-be established Heineman Health Care Foundation will offer the same coverage this group would receive under LB577, the Medicaid expansion bill.

And I'm confident he's up to the task of raising the $750,000 per day that Nebraska will leave on the table if we don't accept the federal dollars paying 100 percent of the cost of Medicaid expansion for the next three years.

The only thing standing between Medicaid expansion and affordable health care for tens of thousands of Nebraskans and their families is Heineman and his band of loyalist-ideologues in the Legislature.

I urge people to find out where their state senators stand and thank them if they support LB577. As for the others -- it's up to the citizens to give them hell.

Patricia T. Henry, Lincoln