Letter, 8/30: Disgusted by abortion proposal

2012-08-29T23:55:00Z Letter, 8/30: Disgusted by abortion proposal JournalStar.com
August 29, 2012 11:55 pm

After taking a couple of days to decompress from reading the article on Randy Moody’s proposed plank on “women’s access to reproductive health care, including the right to seek an abortion" (Aug. 23), I must respond to his rhetoric. I am a Republican and I most certainly am not “out of step” with the majority of Republicans and American people on this issue. Planned Parenthood is a despicable organization, which makes money from killing unborn children.

For him to refer to himself as a “moderate” Republican is unrealistic, to say the least. Killing an unborn child is murder, plain and simple. I know it is somehow politically correct to use all kinds of terms for the necessity of “terminating” a pregnancy, but it is still murder.

I am thoroughly disgusted that this person thinks he is representing me or any of my Republican friends or family at the Republican convention.

Sharon M. Young, Lincoln

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