I am responding to the letter "Anti-life politicians" (April 17) by Tom Black. The ideological divide in the debate over LB599 does not fall along the pro-life, pro-choice fault lines. The recently concluded debate over this examined the broader question of whether government should be providing welfare or whether private charities should take on this role. Toward the end of the debate, it became clear that labeling this bill as pro-life was even more of a misnomer because it has the potential to allow funds to flow to Planned Parenthood, freeing up funds that could be used to provide abortion services.

In his letter, Black attacked his state senator and mine as not being pro-life. Even during her short tenure, Sen. Lydia Brasch has proved herself to be one of the most staunchly pro-life senators in the Nebraska Legislature. Last year, she sponsored and passed LB690, which requires parental consent before a minor receives an abortion, and has consistently voted for pro-life legislation.

Brasch, Gov. Dave Heineman and all the other state senators who opposed LB599 should be applauded for taking a stand against expanded government dependency and for promoting a culture of life.

Tim O'Dell, Blair