Letters, 10/1: Thanks to Fortenberry

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September 30, 2010 11:45 pm

As directors of Nebraska's six community health centers, we are deeply grateful for Congressman Jeff Fortenberry's leadership in co-sponsoring legislation passed on Sept. 23 in the House of Representatives in support of Nebraska volunteers.

HR 1745-FTCA provides that volunteer health care providers working in federally funded community health centers can be covered by malpractice insurance through the Federal Tort Claims Act. This action ensures that federal health center grant funds are directed to patient care, not to expensive malpractice insurance.

While our health centers employ full-time health care providers, we also rely on the generosity of volunteers to ensure our patients have access to a full range of medical, dental and behavioral health care services.

We thank Fortenberry for his work to ensure passage of this important piece of legislation.

Deb Shoemaker, People's Health Center, Lincoln, and Kim Kwapnioski, Norfolk Community Health Center, on behalf of all Nebraska federally qualified community health centers

This is patriotism?

Am I the only one who is insulted by the Keystone Pipeline commercial? The violins are playing, indicative of the old movies when the settlers were crossing the prairie in their covered wagons.

And the message, don't get me started."Good for Nebraska, good for America," all while waving the American flag.

Our good friends to the north are implying that if we are against the pipeline, we must be unpatriotic. What is more patriotic than defending your land and country from threats? In this case it is the possible destruction of our precious water sources.

Yes, it will bring money to Nebraska, but I don't believe it is worth the risk. Remember the old saying about hindsight.

Elke Roby, Lincoln

Try cold water

Schools are trying to get a handle on "dirty dancing," and youngsters are indignantly responding, as youngsters are wont to do, that their right to express themselves freely is being stomped on by The Man.

Well, good Lord, one would hope so. If we -- The Man -- could get away with it, we'd lock 'em up from 12 to 21, when they're fit again to be set loose on civil society.

As with so much behavior by young people, the conduct itself is bad enough, but it's where it could lead -- unplanned pregnancies, young lives unfulfilled, disadvantaged children, construction of Chuck E. Cheeses on every corner -- that really terrifies those of us who only dimly remember our own teen years, but what we do remember makes all the greater our grim resolve to clamp down on today's teens.

To be clear where my sympathies are, if I were chaperoning a school dance, I'd spray ice-cold water full blast through a fire hose across the dance floor every 15 minutes or so, bouncing these seething little cauldrons of hormones off the gym walls.

It all makes one long for those old-fashioned school dances -- boys standing warily on one side of the gym, girls standing haughtily (or so it appeared to us boys) on the other, with a few making the occasional brave foray across the line, like a soldier negotiating no-man's land, where they made bodily contact, if at all, only with clammy palms.

Dan Moser, Lincoln

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