Column: City branding, cyber age style

City branding, cyber age style
2012-09-11T23:50:00Z Column: City branding, cyber age styleBY NASEEM JAVED
September 11, 2012 11:50 pm  • 

City halls to spend hundreds of millions of dollars in dot names, a new type of domain name system designed to change the global branding world. What’s all this noise about million-dollar dot domain names? Cities have taken leadership and allocated million-dollars-plus in resources to acquire the dot name status?

For example, New York City has applied for dot NYC, so it will have a domain Other cities have applied, too; dot Berlin, dot Paris, dot Dubai, dot Durban, dot Amsterdam, dot Barcelona, dot Brussels, dot Capetown, dot Corsica, dot Africa, dot Helsinki, dot London, dot Madrid, dot Miami, dot Catalonia, dot Moscow, dot Rio, dot Roma, and dot Mumbai and dozens more.

With costs running into millions for each single name project, the city halls are expected to make huge profits from the sale of sub domain names while increasing the visibility of their city brand for tourism and investments. These are the new age Internet tools to go farther and touch local and global audiences and create massive cyber-interaction while creating globally poised image presence?

A destination dot name, for example, would exclusively belong to the city of New York and the city hall would sell thousands of sub domain brand names like,,,,, or Each of these sub-brand domain names could be sold to the highest bidders. Also, tens of thousands of stand-alone local businesses would wish to become a sub-brand under the city’s master generic top-level domain-like (, or will enjoy the benefit of being part of a larger .nyc brand hierarchy and find these types of domain names far superior in memorability, typing and ease of operation.)

The city hall could park most of their services for local or global consumers by making it extremely simple. Like,,,,,,,, and such targeted websites will dominate the cyber highways for the local or global visitors.

For all types of geographical landmarks, major cities, towns and villages in need of visibility and local and global interaction will find this type of undertaking very essential for the community. Despite its million-dollars-plus tag, the fact remains it can quickly turn around handsome profit. A new age of Internet is leaving the massive social media behind and bringing all of us selectively closer via cyber communities, while the dot name revolution is very big, but most people are just learning about it as you read.

It’s very important that the senior management of municipalities acquire workable understanding on these cyber-image branding platforms offering exceptional powers to outreach and some of these dot name platforms also are capable of becoming money-trees for municipalities.

Simple and great names will rule the world. Complicated, hard to spell or multiple part names will impose difficulties. Examples like, dot Saskatchewan, dot Albuquerque, dot Sault Ste Marie, dot Ypsilanti or dot Lake Winnibigoshish type names will have far less appeal.

Under the new policy of International Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, the Internet Authority, the right name identity combination with dot name capability offers the fastest way to create hyper-visibility and global presence and becomes the most intricate device since the invention of Internet. Municipalities of the world slowly are awakening to these brand new types of dot destination challenges and getting ready to face the new game changer.

Naseem Javed is the founder of ABC Namebank (

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