Little House on the Prairie: The Musical
Little House on the Prairie: The Musical. Pictured above are cast members Kara Lindsay (left), Steve Blanchard, Melissa Gilbert, Alessa Neeck and Carly Rose Sonenclar. (courtesy image)

Unlike most Broadway shows that pass through Omaha, "Little House on the Prairie," now on stage at the Orpheum Theatre, has never appeared in Broadway.

It became a touring production shortly after its premiere run at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

Still, it's Broadway worthy and worth checking out, especially for the performance of Kara Lindsay, who plays Laura Ingalls.

Fans of "Little House on the Prarie," both the TV series and the books, will enjoy the musical, while musical theater fans may become a tad frustrated with it. Instead of one story, the show is a highlight reel of the show and books, with several scenes that sort of hang together (Mary's blindness, prairie fire, Laura-Almanzo courtship, etc.).

The best songs from the Francesca Zambello-directed show are in the second act, including "Faster" (Laura and Almanzo) and star Melissa Gilbert's solo, "Wild Child."

Of course, Gilbert, who played Laura in the TV series, is the draw. As "Ma" Ingalls, her voice isn't as strong (or as well-trained) as her musical theater counterparts, but she's holds her own.

The real treat was Lindsay, who rocked the house with her vocals and kept the audience in stitches with her Laura-isms. Also impressive were Kevin Massey as Almanzo and Kate Loprest as Nellie Oleson, the comic relief.

"Little House" runs through Sunday (Jan. 17) in Omaha.


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