Project location, type of work, date work began or will begin, scheduled reopening:

Southwest 40th, F to railroad, bridge, March 2013, September 2015.

11th and P, southbound west lane, streetscape, Oct. 8, April 25.

14th, Benton to Elba, paving, April 7, April 18.

14th, O to P, streetscape, April 4, May 12.

25th, O to P, rehabilitation, March 26, April 14.

27th, Holdrege to Leighton, southbound lane, sidewalk repair, April 15, April 20.

40th, Normal to Van Dorn, southbound lane, water main replacement, March 24, June 1.

48th, Baldwin to Huntington, pipe burst, April 6, April 19.

56th, Baldwin to Huntington, pipe burst, April 13, April 19.

56th, Huntington to Walker, pipe burst, April 13, April 19.

70th, Burlington to Platte, pipe burst, April 10, April 19.

70th and South, traffic signal, April 14, May 26.

84th, Fletcher to Havelock, paving repair, April 4, April 18.

Cornhusker, First to Northwest 12th, paving, March 17, Oct. 15.

Old Cheney, 70th to 82nd, road widening, Feb. 3, Nov. 30.

P, 12th to 13th, eastbound south lane, streetscape, Oct. 8, April 25.

P, 13th to 14th, eastbound south lane, streetscape, Feb. 25, May 2.

P at Centennial Mall, streetscape, April 14, May 13.

Randolph, 36th to 40th, water main, April 9, June 13.

To find all street closings, go to and type "street closings" into the search.

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