The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Buffalo Wings & Rings, 350 Canopy St. #200. Employee(s) and manager working without having current food handler permit (repeat). Soup measured at unsafe temp, food discarded (corrected). Heavy grease buildup on fryers. Fruit flies present in numerous areas of kitchen (repeat).

DO RY BBQ, 832 N. 27th St. #A. Owner's wife helping behind counter, lacks food handler permit. Employee failed to wash hands before donning gloves to serve customers. Open beverage in display cooler. Records not complete using time as control items, same times/temps written down for each day. Spray bottles lack chemical name on bottle.

Kwik Shop No. 634, 2940 N. 14th St. Cheese and chili sauce at incorrect temps.

Oriental Market Thai House, 612 N. 27th St. Fruit stored in container in direct contact with raw meat box (fruit discarded), blood stored over ready to eat items in cooler (repeat, corrected). Sprouts not refrigerated and above safe temps. Raid cockroach spray cans in kitchen area. Sink at dishwasher disconnected, dishes sitting in sink. Roaches observed at work area, numerous live roaches on traps, live German roach on grocery floor (repeat).

Tia Lety's, 2701 N. 27th St. Raw chicken, beef, etc. stored together. Milk at unsafe temp in display cooler, discarded (corrected). Items placed out at lunch for making pupusa, control sheet does not clearly indicate when items were put out, time should not be used as control (repeat). Can dented in storage, set aside for return (corrected). Some knives observed with food residues (repeat, corrected).


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