The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Andy's Express Convenience Store, 2500 Wildcat Drive. No food manager associated with establishment, only employee on duty does not have current food handler permit, repeat. Employee food handler permit roster not kept up to date. Some items pulled from freezer lacking pull date, one carton of eggs expired, discarded, repeat, corrected.

Banhwich Cafe, 940 N. 26th St. #201. Broth prepared previous day at unsafe temp in display cooler, discarded, corrected. Meat and onions at incorrect temp, pulled to reheat, repeat, corrected. Slicer with food residues, knife with biofilm, repeat.

Imperial Palace, 701 N. 27th St. Establishment suspended Jan. 31; violations corrected and establishment reopened Feb. 6.

Red Roof Inn, 3939 N. 26th St. Employees working without current food handler permit, repeat. No person in charge with restricted shift manager permit. No list posted of food handlers, repeat.

Super Saver #4, 233 N. 48th St. One deli employee needs PrepCook permit, another employee with expired food handler permit, repeat. Roasted chickens in display case and roasted and fired chicken in deli hot cases at unsafe temps, all products discarded, repeat, corrected. Table mounted can opener in deli with encrusted residues and metal finish flaking off.


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