The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

IHOP, 4501 N. 27th St. Numerous employees with expired or lacking permits. Old list of food handler information provided, repeat. Employee failed to wash hands after cracking eggs then handling plates that would go out to customers, repeat, instructed on washing hands, corrected. Sanitizer in bucket too strong, repeat.

Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits, 741 N. 48th St. Box of degreaser stored on stack of boxes of single service items, relocated, corrected. Tube of burn gel on prep/serving counter, relocated, corrected. Live and dead cockroaches found on glue traps, roach egg case found, flies present in kitchen.

Subway, 555 S. 70th St. Employee(s) working without having current food handler permit. No person in charge with a current Food Protection Manager permit. Minimal concentration of sanitizer in wiping cloth pail, corrected. No thermometer available for use at 3 compartment sink, repeat.

Alfourat, 1434 N. 27th St. Employee used cell phone then failed to wash hands when returning to prep. No Food Manager associated with establishment. Product with meat spread being sold at room temp. Bread with meat spread being stored at room temp. Some knives and chopper with residues on magnet.

Bison Witches Bar & Grill, 1320 P St. #100. Employee(s) working without having current food handler permit, repeat. Food handler data sheet is incomplete. WD-40 and ice machine cleaner stored on same shelf as salt and pepper shakers. D Con loose bait in compressor room, which is open by means of hallway to food establishment. Spray bottle not labeled at bar, corrected. Fruit flies present in bar area, repeat.


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