The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department has issued food enforcement warnings to:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 2200 Wildcat Drive. No person in charge with current Food Protection Manager permit (repeat). One employee working with SC that needs Prep cook permit (repeat). Employees not wearing hair restraints while prepping. Thermometer with food residues (repeat). Spray bottle not labeled.

Jimmy's Egg, 2801 Pine Lake Road #E. Two employees listed on employee food handler permit roster do not have current permits. No Food Protection Manager currently associated with establishment. Opened employee drink cup on servers station table (corrected). Open carton of shell eggs stored next to open packages of tortillas and above containers with blueberries, chocolate crumble and plastic wrapped stacks of cheeses. Spray bottles filled with blue liquid (glass cleaner?) stored with bottles of ketchup; one spray bottle mislabeled as sanitizer. Food residues on can opener blade and on knives kept on knife magnet. Food prepared in previous two days without date marks or old stickers with date marks (repeat, corrected).

Jimmy's Egg, 6440 O St. #100. Employee(s) working without current food handler permit. No person in charge with current Food Protection Manager permit. Unapproved employee beverage container in food prep area (repeat, corrected). Employee lotion stored above wrapped silverware, relocated (corrected). Cook cracking shell eggs then plating cooked hash browns, gloves must be removed and hands washed between working with raw and ready-to-eat items (corrected). Turkey, ham and potatoes past allotted days of use, discarded (corrected). Glassware with food residue in clean stack, can opener and deli slicer with food residues, cleaned, sanitized (corrected). Chemical spray bottles stored above clean stacked pans, relocated (corrected).

Pickleman's, 1442 O St. #A. Employee(s) working without current food handler permit. Food handler data sheet incomplete. Several items in rail cooler at unsafe temp for unspecified amount of time, food discarded (corrected).


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