JAN. 2

Kuzelka, Rhonda (Fencl) and Brad, Fairbury, boy, Bryan.

Riley, Stacy (Nuss) and Rustin, Milford, boy, Bryan.

Hernandez, Mel (Flowers) and Luis, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

JAN. 3

Yard, Shannon, and Pochop, Mark, Nebraska City, girl, Bryan.

Gertsch, Kallie (Brewer) and Guy, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

Narcisse, Shaleesa, and Webster, Leonard, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

Krause, Vicki (Brown) and Jason, Lincoln, girl, Bryan.

Palensky, Michelle (Hagemann) and Chad, Ceresco, girl, Bryan.

Kienzler, Amy (Champoux) and Alex, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

Frack, Bradi (Hotz-McMahon) and Paul, Hickman, girl, Bryan.

JAN. 4

Johnson, Katie (Sipp) and Andrew, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

Boonstra, Rylee (Miller) and Cody, Chester, boy, Bryan.

Dozler, Cari (Billesbach) and Jeremy, Denton, boy, Bryan.

Huffman, Callie (Piper) and Joseph, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

Andrade, Joceline, and Pflughaupt, Reed, Lincoln, boy, Bryan.

JAN. 5

Graf, Allie (Graef) and Dayton, Auburn, boy, St. Elizabeth.

Chinchilla-Gutierrez, Carmen and Gutierrez, Josue, Lincoln, girl, St. Elizabeth.

Price, Shelby (Robinette) and Caleb, Ashland, girl, St. Elizabeth.

Staton, Makayla, and Romero, Roberto, Lincoln, girl, St. Elizabeth.

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