Real estate records, 9/22/13

2013-09-21T23:00:00Z 2015-02-03T10:50:18Z Real estate records, 9/22/13
September 21, 2013 11:00 pm

* Transfers

Adam, Shannon to Griffin, Andrew R. and Jemalyn A., 1101 W. Harvest Drive, $179,900.

Ahlum, Mary Beth to Ugiramariya, Assumpta and Iyamuremye, Faustin, 1601 Devoe Drive, $162,000.

Allen, Allan D. and Barbara J. to Geiser, Devin L. and Rose, Sarah M., 800 Autumn Parkway, Hickman, $175,000.

Ammouri, Souhair to Addison, Timothy J. and Kelsey L., 4245 Lenox Ave., $79,000.

Anytime Property Services LLC to Young, Dianne C., 6120 Kearney Ave., $72,000.

Ashley, Levi S. and Latasha M. to Ramsey, Douglas A., 2849 W. Arlington St., $134,500.

Auch, Tanner J. and Amy M. to Lovell, Nick L. and Ashley C., 2431 NW 46th St., $165,000.

Barr, Denise M. to Stanley, Kaylee S., 3031 Shirley Court, $113,900.

Barrett, Joel E. to Johnson, Derek and Tiffany, 6142 NW Seventh St., $130,000.

Beil, Andrew W. and Lindsay A. to Jensen, Sage, 7721 S. 16th St., $159,500.

Bennett, David P. to Mutual Of Omaha Bank, 2328 N. 67th St., $86,820.

Bennett, Sherry A. and Dennis A. to Frederick, Todd and Kimberly, 2121 Heather Lane, $219,500.

Berkebile, Philip A. and wife Judith L. to Parker, Chad B. and Danielle M., 5600 Hickory Crest Road, $319,000.

Biloff, Vicki Revocable Living Trust to Lincoln Rentals LLC, 4713 Lowell Ave., $85,000.

Biloff, Vicki Revocable Living Trust to Lincoln Rentals LLC, 4705 Lowell Ave., $85,000.

Biltoft, Caroline M. and Mitchell F. to Meador, Cole N. and Nicolaus, Kylea L., 2900 N. 176th St., Rural, $210,000.

Bird, William and Kristen to Mckay, Mark S. and Kelley A., 9029 S. 30th St., $255,000.

Bitz, James Edward and Allison Leigh to Salitros, Benjamin J. and Joseph, 1828 S. 11th St., $76,000.

Blake, Michael T. and Erin R. to Hoppes, Craig D., 2440 NW 44th St., $158,650.

Boren, Thomas C. and Deborah L. to Gunderson, Timothy L. and Stacey L., 15848 N. 40th St., Rural, $290,000.

Borner, William L. II and Deborah to Gallardo, Jorge Alfredo and Sherry Lynn, 5619 Falcon Circle, $140,000.

Bowles, Corinne M. and Brandon to Haun, Brent and Lori, 6830 Whitewater Lane, $124,000.

Brandt, Henry R. to Helmerichs, Adam M. and Kristin G., 404 Hill St., $230,000.

Braun, Rick L. and Cindy S. to Dallmann, Brandon D. and Jennifer L., 8401 Lightner Lane, Rural, $282,500.

Breit, Marianne S. to Paulson, Matthew L. and Tara L., 7510 Stevens Ridge Road, $415,000.

Brown, Gerald L. and Rhonda R. to Massie, David Owen and Natalie Jane, 6000 Doe Drive, Rural, $368,000.

BRT, Amy Rose Estate to Patterson, John F. and Denise L., 2411 S. Eighth St., $72,500.

Bruns, Anden M. to Betts, Lisa L. and Kuisma, Ingrid T., 5320 Canterbury Lane, $184,900.

Buhr Homes Inc. to Bruntz, Darren, 8310 Emery Lane, $316,579.

Buhr Homes Inc. to Oehring, Gerald E. Jr. and Laura B., 7335 Blanchard Blvd., $314,000.

Buntemeyer, Harold H. Estate to Marshall, John L. and Cheryl E., 947 Sumner St., $98,000.

Burkey, Mark L. and Deborah E. and Taylor S. to Koso, Miles and Frederick, Kaylie, 516 Indian Road, $119,900.

Burklund, Cheri L. to Singsaas, Dana J. and Rebecca J., 950 W. Branched Oak Road, Rural, $375,000.

Busch, Earl G. Estate to Sawyer, Alisha D., 830 W. Burnham St., $65,000.

Camarena, Carlos C. and Elina N. to Lambie, Mitch, 3018 Sequoia Drive, $162,000.

Cao, Da and Nguyen, Thuy to Tang, Dung Quoc and Katlyn M., 1606 Torreys Drive, $190,000.

Claycomb, Jerry and Sondra to Tarlowski, Karissa J. and Nicholas W., 5635 Newton St., $124,900.

Cox, Daniel W. to Franklin, Dustin P., 8401 S. 190th St., Rural, $127,000.

Cunningham, Ivan L. to Vandelay Investments LLC, 2323 W. Laguna Road, $141,100.

Curry Relocation Company LLC to Mather, Erika E., 3100 Sequoia Drive, $138,000.

Davis, Bruce B. Trust to Asche, Bobbie Jo, 3314 Jamestown Lane, $189,900.

Decoito, Randolph A. and Kathryn S. to Bruns, Gary H. and Nicole F., 1535 S. 58th St., $204,000.

Demetriades-Shah, Tanvir H. to Bishop, David and Jacklyn, 7911 Myrtle St., $143,000.

Dirks, Sandra W. to Mckinsey, Marsha K., 7520 Greycliff Drive, $258,500.

Dlouhy Construction Inc. to Layton Properties LLC, 1969 A St., $135,000.

Dobrusky, Roy D. and Dianne L. to Morris, Troy and Julie, 3701 NW 54th St., $118,000.

Ehlers, Clay S. and Michaelis, Julianna L. to Holmes, Spencer Neal, 2000 Pacific Drive, $153,000.

Electro Motor Force to Mulgrue, Dan and Lisa, 900 S. 39th St., $140,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Docter, Bruce and Debra Jo, 210 W. 5 St., Firth, $61,500.

Ferdico, Christopher M. Revocable Trust to Kuhlman, Lizabeth A., 2720 Manse Ave., $254,900.

Fielder, Andrea Paige to Jones, Jay, 360 S. 44th St., $67,000.

Fleek, Loris L. Trustee to Wharry, Brian J. and Veronica I., 2601 Devonshire Drive, $220,900.

Fleischer, Todd D. and Colleen M. to Kasik, Matthew J. and Lisa M., 7140 S. Hampton Road, $242,580.

Florea, Ruth M. Trust to Kaiser, William T. and Beth K., 2958 N. 53 St., $79,000.

Freeman, Marcia K. to Johnson, Kendall C., 3034 Orchard St., $95,000.

Froehlich, Lynette K. Trustee to Stelling, Karen D. Revocable Trust, 521 Hazelwood Drive, $336,500.

Garrett, Kevin and Beki to Plagge, Bradley James and Natilee Don, 3911 San Mateo Lane, $230,000.

Gillette, James D. and Sherryl F. to Prochaska, Roger L. and Verna J., 6822 Laurent Circle, $189,000.

Goes, Stanley to Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union, 1935 Van Dorn St., $78,867.

Gregory, Ashley to Summers, Alyce O. and Stephen D., 11170 N. 144th St., Waverly, $125,000.

Gudeker, Elsie A. to Carlson, Barbara L. Revocable Trust, 2425 Folkways Blvd., No. 129, $68,500.

Guthrie, Aaron S. to Kasl, Roger W., 6843 Lexington Ave., $91,000.

Hagemann, Melissa to Harris, Rhonda K., 511 N. 75 St., $125,000.

Hansen, David W. to Helmerichs, Adam M. and Kristin G., 404 Hill St., $230,000.

Hansen, Kimberly R. to Fuller, Reed D., 5441 W. Cleveland Ave., $105,000.

Hatfield, Michael Jr. and Bachman, Marla to Ailes, Andrew and Bryant, Amanda, 241 Judson St., $128,000.

Hattan, Betty Lou to Clark, Colleen M., 7541 Old Post Road, No. 3, $124,000.

Haun, Brent and Lori to Ienn, Rebecca, 1723 Blackhawk Drive, $200,000.

Hinz, Pamela J. to Swearingen, Deanna K., 4109 S. 17th St., $115,000.

Hoffart, Dwain L. to Penn, Richard F., 6775 South St., $156,000.

Hohensee, Amber N. to Karnes, Samantha Marie, 3041 S. 41st St., $138,500.

Holman, Kendra K. to Minzel, Marcus and Tisha, 4931 Elk Ridge Road, $249,500.

Holmes, Charles A. to Payne, Tyler C. and Monica L., 735 W. Nance Ave., $127,000.

Holmes, Robin S. to Payne, Tyler C. and Monica L., 735 W. Nance Ave., $127,000.

Hossaini, Mahnaz to Muldoon, Randall J. and Doreen L., 2807 Jane Lane, $122,000.

Howell, Derek L. and Diana to Hoppes, Tom R., 17501 NW 40th St., Rural, $365,000.

Hudson, Casey to Gallentine, Craig S., 5720 Morrill Ave., $68,000.

Inbody, Pamela K. and Russell C. to Gaiser, Karl C. and Claudia D., 1301 Washington St., $77,000.

Ireland, Janis E. to Ireland, Janis E. and Deboer, Douglas D., 7700 Yancy Drive, $124,900.

Janssen, Susan P. to Snider, Chris and Lingyun, 1486 W. Alvo Road, Rural, $380,000.

Jensen, Rachel M. and Ross R. to Nelson, Marvin B. and Joyce E., 3001 S. 51st Street Court, No. 271, $87,500.

Johnson, Blaze J. and Emily J. to Johnson, Clifton D., 9406 Panama Road, Rural, $121,000.

Johnson, Lisa D. to Clarke, Bertrand S. and Jennifer L., 2330 S. 75th St., $294,000.

Johnson, Susan J. to Hillhouse, Allan D. and Kymberly K., 6801 Hickory Crest Road, $330,000.

Kang, Ming and Ren, Lijiang to Smetter, Kenneth R. and Alicia J., 7340 S. 20th St., $207,500.

Kasparek, John and Liesa to Casey, Thomas E. and Linda R., 8930 S. 28th St., $281,000.

Keithley, Jeffrey L. and Denise M. to Keithley, Joshua L. and Erin S., 8220 S. 17th St., $207,500.

Kelly, Rick to Gallentine, Craig S., 5720 Morrill Ave., $68,000.

Kissel, Alexandra C. and Gordon E. and Joanne D. to Barnett, Ashley J., 2032 Worthington Ave., $126,900.

Klein, Arlene K. to Gall, Kevin, 1600 Manatt St., $90,000.

Klingler, Jeffery D. and Haley A. to Rodriguez, John Edward and Jennifer Lee, 6930 Laurent Circle, $230,000.

Kottwitz, Michael R. and Emily E. to Bragg, Julie, 1320 Lancaster Lane, $95,000.

Krasser, Douglas to Rodgers, Doshie, 5201 NW Sixth St., $132,000.

Kroese, Jeffrey L. to Payne, Tyler C. and Monica L., 735 W. Nance Ave., $127,000.

KSAK Properties Inc. to Freitag, Landon, 4833 Sherman St., $120,000.

Lambert Investments LLC to Holt Enterprises LLC, 5250 Cornhusker Highway, $1,500,000.

Lanik, Gregg and Emily R. to Kolar, Tami Jo, 600 S. 30th St., $132,000.

Le, Vien C. and Nguyen, Thuy B. to Heyen, Ronald Lee and Anderson, Catherine Lee, 844 Peach St., $93,900.

Leblanc, David E. and Sarah E. to Godemann, Christopher, 1931 NW 53rd St., $101,500.

Lehms Lincoln LLC to Neogen Properties VII LLC, 4131 N. 48th St., $540,700.

Lightner, Amanda M. and Robert W. to Civic, Benjamin W. and Amanda M., 3611 X St., $115,000.

Link, Joseph M. and Kathryn S. to Mckinstry, Justin, 4029 N. 18th St., $134,500.

Lodge, Christina to Hassan, Hameed A., 2137 NW 55th St., $98,000.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital to Vandelay Investments LLC, 5210 Garland St., $62,900.

Maly, Patricia A. to White Residuary Trust, 5110 Gladstone St., $124,000.

Mandery, Todd E. to McGreer, Christopher Mark and Amber, 443 Floyd Drive, Malcolm, $135,000.

Manion Construction Inc. to Mettler, Mallory E. and Jordan P., 9222 Garland St., $208,350.

Manion Construction Inc. to Desmond, Dirk D. and Sarah C., 1711 Culbera St., $205,000.

McCollough, Martha to Caha, Beth E. and Erickson, Steven E., 881 S. 34th St., $118,900.

McGreer, Christopher M. to Meinzer, Michael L., 2011 NW 55th St., $101,500.

Mckenna, Kelli to Avanesov, Irina, 4321 S. 58th St., No. 11, $91,500.

McMeen, Reynold F. and Lisa A. to Nider, Rick D., 5010 S. 72 St., $206,000.

McMurtry, Michael W. and Carol H. to Peters, David A., 2820 S. 52th St., $176,500.

Miller, Gerald and Leona Trust to Mathieu, Sharron L., 7650 Maple Village Drive, $161,200.

Minzel, Marcus T. to Benac, Lawrence F. and Mary C., 5133 S. 53rd St., $162,000.

Mohler, Cion G. to Thomalla, Michael L., 1410 Arapahoe St., $85,000.

Monroe, Paul F. and Donna to Miyashiro, Kurt and Elizabeth, 5121 S. 54th St., $136,500.

Mooberry, Pat to Montey, Dana, 9412 Forest Glen Drive, $190,000.

Moran, James H. and Stephanie J. to Schumacher, Jeffrey L. and Laura A., 936 N. 39th St., $111,000.

Morris, Jon C. and Kathleen A. to Roasa, Lance M. and Obermiller, Abby D., 8354 W. Rock Creek Road, Rural, $274,500.

Morris, Jon C. and Kathleen A. to Roasa, Lance M. and Obermiller, Abby D., no situs, $274,500.

NEBCO to Brooks, Beth Ann, 359 Bushclover Road, $309,000.

NEBCO Inc. to Lola Inc., no situs, $60,000.

Neddenriep, Tom and Carrie to Baker, Cynthia Lynn, 5805 S. 97th St., $259,900.

New Traditions Home And Realty LLC to Stone, David Vaughan and Susan M., 1621 SW 30th St., $149,535.

Nielsen, Chester A. Estate to Jelinek, Griffin L. and Ashley E. B, 3111 Loveland Drive, $160,000.

North 27th Street LLC to Risor, James E. and Constance M., 5831 Enterprise Drive, No. 107, $97,000.

Old City Homes Inc. to Koehlmoos, Lance and Sarah, 9321 Keystone Drive, $274,950.

Olderbak, Michael D. to Olderbak, Anthony L. and Patricia L., 2840 S. 74th St., $310,000.

Olson, Shirley D. to Bolz, Donna, 2425 Folkways Blvd., No. 127, $63,000.

Olson, Thomas O. and Sylvia A. to Schippert, Veronica E., 3401 S. 42nd St., $100,000.

Orshek, Robert E. Trustee to Kantor, Shane A., 1935 E. Manor Drive, $118,000.

Papazoglou, Marino and Patricia to Hansen, Luke and Katie, 3323 S. 28th St., $177,500.

Parker, Nicole E. to Nguyen, Chau Van and Ngan Kiem, 5948 Upton Grey Circle, $220,000.

Peed, Shawn T. and Sarah J. to Dunn, Marsha M., 4522 S. 80th St., $449,000.

Pensco Trust Company Custodian FBO Charles Williams Ira to Paolini, Jon and Angela, 2820 W. Covered Bridge Drive, Rural, $89,500.

Peterson, Danae H. to Ross, Jaysie L., 4147 Dunn Ave., $111,000.

Pineda, Christopher Keith and Bare, Bret Allen to Bryson, Robert U. and Luz M. Ramirez De, 1920 Sewell St., $226,000.

Pribyl, Greg A. and Jackie L. to Michel, Kevin L. and Angela D., 5421 Limestone Road N., $135,000.

R and R. Endeavor, No. 4 LLC to Robertson, Elisa L., 7637 Kentwell Lane, $236,500.

Raymond, Gary R. and Kathryn to Love, Damian, 2021 Ammon Ave., $129,900.

Rees, Kay L. to Wandsnider, Luann, 2435 Stockwell St., $205,000.

Regal Building Systems Inc. to Zoz, Eric, 2421 City View Court, $155,817.

Reinhardt, Robert G. to Ross, Andrew J., 402 F St., $87,750.

Robinson, Daniel L. to Vandelay Investments LLC, 522 W. Lakeshore Drive, $370,500.

Rodriguez, John E. and Jennifer L. to Colburn, Laurie, 4240 S. 38th St., $139,000.

Rogacki, Peter M. Estate to Bordovsky, Jacob P., 2510 Coventry Court, $131,000.

Ross, Troy and Darcie to Perry, Jacqueline L., 1701 SW Eighth St., $113,500.

Royster, Wilma to Sullivan-Koppinger, Karen L., 5117 Judson St., $85,000.

Ruhmann, Phyllis R. to Dick, William E. and Marsha I., 4527 Madison Ave., $82,000.

Rybak Homes Inc. to Scheer, Andrew and Connie Hammond-Scheer, 3149 SW 78th St., Rural, $320,000.

Rybak Homes Inc. to Iden, Jordan Mark and Mackenzie Marie, 9510 White Pine Road, $242,000.

S & S Investments to Kemp, John, 4549 Prescott Ave., $64,500.

Schaaf, R. Jeremy and Teresa Marie to Miles, Anthony and Connie, 8833 Colby St., $249,000.

Scherer, Theresa M. to Heithold, Amy, 7815 Katrina Lane, $285,000.

Schlegelmilch, Joseph and Niki to Dannewitz, Jason E. and Katrina M., 6448 S. 86 St., $68,500.

Schmeichel, Steven J. to Murray, Bryan D. and Angela M., 9120 Whispering Wind Road, $475,000.

Seacrest, Susan S. to Peterson, Julia P. and Tyler J., 6540 Crooked Creek Drive, $240,000.

Seagren, Sharon A. Amended Revocable Trust to Burton, Reginald and Snyder, Jamie, 2000 Surfside Drive, $312,000.

Secretary Of The Department Of Housing And Urban Development to Meredith, Brenda K., 1650 SW 25th St., $96,000.

Shupe, Gordon W. II and Rebecca L. to Priefert, Ryan and Angela, 7510 Elk Creek Drive, $239,000.

Skold, John O. to Stell, James E. and Juanita D., 4840 Alles Circle, $177,000.

Skold, Virginia J. to Stell, James E. and Juanita D., 4840 Alles Circle, $177,000.

Smith, Cherrelyn N. to Johnson, David A. and Chelsea A., 4915 Woodhaven Drive, $132,000.

Spalding, Peter M. and Jody L. P to Donsig, Allan P. and Stephanie S., 7105 N. Hampton Road, $273,500.

Spale, Arlene R. to Burkle, Joshua and Megan, 4900 S. 56th St., $148,000.

Spilker, Aaron L. to Hepker, Bart S., 5731 Glade Circle, $125,500.

Spulak, Aaron J. to Edwards, Benjamin W. and Heather D., 2424 NW 41st St., $159,000.

Stewart, Alison C. to Spencer, Brent G., 1942 Skyline Drive, $132,500.

Stewart, Nathan D. to Spencer, Brent G., 1942 Skyline Drive, $132,500.

Stonybrook Homes Inc. to Hartwig, Donald L. and Bonnie L., 7625 Greycliff Drive, $184,058.

Sumovich, Timothy S. to Elder, Kevin G. and Carrie M., 14351 Paris St., Waverly, $155,000.

Sutter Place Properties LLC to Wiebelhaus, Brandon and Beth, 9711 Napa Ridge Drive, $288,500.

Talbot, Christopher C. to Vestecka, Scott and Guerra, Alicia, 2221 W. Cove Drive, $165,000.

Temple, Francis R. to Bank Of America N. A, 3036 W. Washington St., $116,523.

Thompson, Jennifer A. to Carlson, Adam and Caley, 2501 SW Craig Dodge Road, $146,000.

Thornburg, Kevin R. and Trudi J. to Kujath, Brian J. and Jennifer J., 5535 S. Eighth St., $136,000.

Thurman, Jeffery A. and Linda L. to Hoadley, Ryan and Stacey, 9010 Stetson Drive, $174,000.

TMT Adventures LLC to Fenske, Amanda A., 5727 NW 14th St., $120,000.

Tran, Hoang to Spencer-Mcmullen, Amy M., 600 Sunny Slope Road, $139,500.

United Equity LLC to Zaloudek, David J., 6946 Lynn St., $112,500.

University Of Nebraska Foundation to Fleischer, Colleen Mary and Todd Douglas, 128 N. 13 St., Unit, No. 907, $176,000.

U.S. Bank National Association Nd to Hartmann Family LLC, 4709 Goldenrod Lane, $69,000.

Vestecka, Scott S. and Guerra, Alicia L. to Steenson, Emily S., 1676 Burr St., $133,900.

Village Meadows LLC to Aspen Home Builders LLC, 7820 Nashway Road, $60,000.

Visger, James R. and Merry R. to Cocklin, Carrie and Joseph, 610 Sycamore Drive, $205,000.

Vitamvas, Jeremy A. and Jamie J. to Chen, Hong and Zhang, Shenzuo, 2220 Cold Water Bay, $177,500.

Wacker, Eric T. and Alisha R. to Curry Relocation Company LLC, 3100 Sequoia Drive, $138,000.

Wadell, Jared L. to Spires, Spencer P., 860 N. 42 St., $123,900.

Walz, Christina to Freye, Randy and Samantha, 9635 Saint Clement Circle, $275,500.

Wandsnider, Luann to Firebaugh, Richard C. and Pamela A., 816 S. 32nd St., $139,000.

Ward, Alicia Ann and Cropp, Shawn L. to Roeber, Kyle L. and Ashley M., 5407 W. Cleveland Ave., $118,000.

Warner, Amy L. to Gohring, Matthew J., 5545 Vine St., $125,900.

Wiekamp, Adam W. and Julie M. to Borchardt, Melisa M., 3443 S. 38th St., $178,000.

Wiles, Devere E. III and Lynda L. to Boyce Construction Inc., 3925 N. 26th St, No. 8, $97,500.

Winterbauer, Shane K. and Jennifer F. to Wiese, Kyle J., 1555 W. Garfield Circle, $135,500.

Witmer, Dianne M. to Oliva, Erik T. and Mcginnis, Nicole T., 14341 Eastbourne St., Waverly, $116,250.

Yankee Ridge Partners LLC to Cannon, Kathleen A., 3818 Pablo Lane, $197,950.

Young Family Trust, The to Florez, Juan A. and Jessica M., 8020 Myrtle St., $178,000.

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