Property transfers

2011-09-21T14:27:00Z Property transfers
September 21, 2011 2:27 pm

Abbott, Justin L. to Burton, Michael H. and Anne R. , 5031 M St., $166,500.

Abendroth, Curtis L. and Michele M. to Janssen, Paul J. and Cheyenne , 1620 N. 87th St., $214,000.

Aksamit, Douglas S. and Monica R. to Edgington, Allan R. and Anastasia , 2824 N. 78th St., $189,000.

Aliano, Nicholas P and Wieland, Jessica S. to Schaffert, Desiree L. , 6258 Colby St., $122,000.

Andringa, Paul W. and Carol J. to Jenkins, Donald E. and Donnette K. Revocable Trust , 8151 S.W. 12th St., rural, $272,000.

Antholz, Jessica K. to Alexander, Sean P and Trisha J. , 7345 N. 16th St., $149,900.

Arkulari, Hank and Kucera, Corrine to Guenzel, Steven E. and Judy L. , 3015 N. 61st St., $112,500.

Aspen Builders Inc., to Johnson, Eric and Mindy , 6901 W. Remington Drive, rural, $301,600.

Austin Realty Co to BHG Properties LLC , 1429 N. 34th St., $1,550,000.

Austin Realty Co to BHG Properties LLC , 3341 Holdrege St., $1,550,000.

Austin Realty Co to BHG Properties LLC , 3331 Holdrege St., $1,550,000.

BAE Land Dev Co LLC to Spreeman, Marianne K. , 6677 Winterberry Lane, rural, $300,000.

Baldwin, Ellen W. Trustee to Rawley, Ann K. , 2610 Bishop Lane, $235,800.

Bangert, James V. and Papst, Jennifer A. to Gilsdorf, Shane J. , 3201 N. 67th St., $127,000.

Bauer, Gloria E. and Diane J. to Wiley, Stuart P Jr. and Judith L. , 2233 S. 48th St., $255,000.

Baxter, Shane to Yastrebova, Svetlana , 2524 W. Plum St., $119,000.

Becker, Mitchell R. to Holmberg, Daniel and Debra , 4615 Kirkwood Drive, $175,500.

Benda, Bradley J. and Cindy K. to Bash, Michael D. , 2641 Surrey Court, $137,000.

Boley, Shawn D. and Melissa to Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association , 8801 Broken Spoke Drive, $124,000.

Bonnstetter, Ronald J. and Nicolette K. to Harford, Kevin D. and Sonia J. , 6111 Woodstock Circle, $315,000.

Bowder, Stephen F. to Lincoln Federal Savings Bank , 1328 A St., $133,246.

Buchholz, David E. and Lana J. to Millstead, James J. and Kristal K. , 3455 O'hanlon Drive, $235,000.

Budler, William F. and Nordmeyer, Barbara L. to Federal National Mortgage Association , 4025 N.W. 126th St., rural, $214,794.

Byler, Jason R. and Shelby C. to Carlson, Dennis G. and Nancy M. , 3133 S. 31st St., $345,000.

Byrne, Patricia Joan and Gerard to Blair, Timothy D. and Teresa L. , 7300 S. 16th St., $180,000.

Campa, Brandy Nicole and Kennec, Scott A. to Forke, Kent Jay , 7700 S. 36th St., $204,000.

Cannon, John A. and Henry B. IV to Deanne LLC , 3101 S. 17th St., $546,000.

Cannon, Kathleen A. to Haffey, Eric A. , 5400 Channel Drive, $160,000.

Carlson, Dennis G. and Nancy to Healey, Constance F. , 2124 Park Ave., $184,000.

Carter, Peggy J. Living Trust to Johanned, Marlin M. and Judith J. , 5901 Cross Creek Road, $249,500.

Chloupek, Joe and Collene to Fawn Creek Investments LLC , 2200 S. 7th St., $121,500.

Christensen, John D. and Anne N. to Kohler, Alexandra L. , 3445 Laura Ave., $156,500.

Citibank NA Trustee to Osterhoudt, Michael E. and Amy L. , 1100 Plum Ridge Road, rural, $192,000.

Coffey, Thomas Jr. and Cynthia to McClelland, Douglas and Conant, Laura G. , 1681 Smith St., $145,000.

Collins, Howard F. to Brenton, Bennett L. , 1930 C St., $134,000.

Cook, Wilbur S. to State Of Nebraska Department Of Roads , 220 W. Pioneers Blvd., rural, $175,000.

Crouch, Shirley to Kuhlmann, Marcus F. , 6210 N.W. Sixth St., $134,900.

CSF Construction Inc., dba Blackwood Custom Homes to Vanengen, Philip W. and Laura L. , 1304 Ridge Road, Hickman, $225,000.

Danner, Bradford and Laura to Burkey, Nina A. R. and Davey W. and Joyce L. , 2209 Essex Road, $115,000.

Dartman, Dean L. to Zahn, Karla , 3727 Wildbriar Lane, $148,500.

Davis, Mary E. to Christensen, John and Anne , 3400 S. 35th St., $270,000.

Dlr Holdings LLC to Tatum, Richard D. and Susan D. , 5725 Shadow Pines Court, $182,500.

Double J. Realty And Management Inc., to Jeffrey, Jean S. Revocable Trust , 6042 Old Farm Circle, $150,000.

Douglas Family Trust, The to Etherton, Abby and Gary , 5840 S. 43 Street Court, $151,000.

Dyck, James Alan and Lynda Lee to Cummings, John D. and Diane , 2407 Washington St., $125,000.

Ebbers, Durayne F. and Nicole M. to Smith, Michael , 3330 N St., $120,000.

Edgington, Allan R. and Anastasia to Andrews, Adam D. and Tiffany M. , 3117 N. 68th St., $122,500.

Farritor, Janette L. to Heileman, Brian J. , 6234 Walker Ave., $137,000.

Fawcett-Yeske, Maxine A. and Yeske, Robert D. to Miller, Larry and Angie M. , 3611 Daniel Road, $150,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Hogeland, Geoffrey and Kelli , 6701 S.W. 38th St., rural, $315,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Kubik, Kristine N. and German, Kyle M. , 6935 N. 15th St., $151,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to White, Brad L. and Christine R. , 435 N. 25th St., $150,000.

Few Inc., to Glover, Brian J. , 8615 Remi Drive, $223,500.

Fischer, Bruce A. and Dorothy A. to Carter, Peggy J. Living Trust , 919 Eastridge Drive, $169,500.

Fleek, Michael L. to Hager, Joseph T. , 1237 Surfside Court, $134,000.

Forgey, Marvel M. to Rutar, Ryan D. , 4031 N. 23rd St., $125,000.

Fuehrer, Angela S. to Noordhoek, Brandon and Emily , 5406 N.W. 4th St., $186,000.

Geis, Angela M. to Korth, Jason and Jennie , 2552 W. Peach St., $161,000.

General Parts Distribution LLC to Mc Larkins Properties LLC , 4831 Adams St., $155,000.

Goettle, Terry L. and Susan M. to Seiffert, Robert J. and Dianna M. , 1810 S.W. 32nd St., $138,500.

Gonzales, George L. and Lynne M. to Couillard, Cole E. , 2641 W. A St., $141,000.

Gorji, Dionne R. to Gabel, Thomas M. and Jodi L. , 3701 W. Buckthorn Road, rural, $335,000.

Guenzel, Steven E. and Judy L. to Corter, David W. and Lorene M. , 3015 N. 61st St., $112,500.

Gutzmann, Daniel D. to Woodman, Nathan J. , 3791 Everett St., $148,500.

Hamann Meadows Townhomes LLC to Larson, Diane E. , 7542 Crystal Court, $163,900.

Harvey, Sharon R. to Dagman Revocable Living Trust , 4625 S. 85th Circle, $179,500.

Hayes, Marvin Edward and Myung to Tripp, Kristin Renee , 8109 W. Denton Road, rural, $212,000.

Hays, William R. and Janelle D. to NationsRat Mortgage LLC , 6149 N.W. 9th St., $114,086.

Hendricks, George W. and Barbara J. to SFJD LLC , 6701 Cornhusker Hwy, $1,000,000.

Henke, Lana to Johnson, Luke M. and Ashlie N. , 3027 N. 75 Street Court, $171,000.

Heywood, Brad J. and Sondra to Case, Lanorma , 2701 N.W. 53rd St., $122,000.

Hiatt, Leland D. and Kathryn M. to Cejke, Cheryl and Ragan, Michael , 5536 Enterprise Drive, $112,500.

Hoegemeyer Palmer Construction Inc., to Troester, Gewn J. , 2332 N. 87th St., $200,000.

Hogeland, Geoffrey W. and Kelli A. to Kramer, Joshua M. Brown and Carolyn R. Brown , 1912 Otoe St., $214,000.

Household Finance Corporation III to Snowardt, Scott M. and Pamela S. , 7730 S. 28th St., $175,000.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., to Fujan, Monica R. , 8501 Sunridge Road, $137,500.

Hyland, Paul W. Trustee to Reha, Con J. and Diane J. , 2928 S. 28th St., $140,000.

Irwin, Robert L. and Shirley A. to Schaufelberger, Robert E. and Geraldine A. , 8010 Basswood Court, $170,000.

Janssen, Paul J. to Owens, Travis O. , 711 S. 45th St., $121,000.

Jirsa, Jacqueline A. and Riddle, Corey S. to Jirsa, Jacqueline A. , 5422 Blueberry Court, $154,600.

Johnson, Kristal K. Et Al to Callahan, M. Lynn and Pierrottet, Julia S. , 600 Marshall Ave., $115,000.

Kallweit, Steve D. and Marcy M. to Dulak, Christopher S. and Brooks, Layton W. , 3618 Washington St., $124,500.

Kess, Lillian to Euler, Phillip W. Revocable Trust , 3240 S. 46th St., $156,000.

Klein, Orville L. and Doris D. to Foxhoven, Brent , 1830 Montclair Drive, $123,000.

Krahn, Roland G. and Cheryl R. to Cosier, Randy and Anne , 7031 Logan Ave., $130,000.

Kremarik, Mark R. to Ilic, Dragan and Ljiljana , 3415 W. Plum St., $135,000.

Kruse, Brian M. and Michelle A. to Neville, Edward J. and Merkwan, Tara S. , 5841 S. 43 Street Court, $166,750.

Kruse, Samuel E. and Annette K. to Kruse, Brian M. and Michelle A. , 4240 Larkwood Road, $208,000.

Kurtzer, Donald C. to Mueller, Justin and Janelle , 1016 N. 42nd St., $135,000.

Lange, Christina L. and Anthony F. to Buehner, Christopher Sean , 8012 Meredeth St., $171,000.

Levendofsky Family Trust to Larson, Kevin Donn , 4911 S. 73rd St., $200,000.

Li, Yu and Pan, Mingming to Lei, Shulei , 2348 U St., $128,177.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Of Nebraska to Ambay Inc., , 1740 M St., $1,275,000.

Lincoln Federal Savings Bank Of Nebraska to Drbal, Deborah D. , 4301 S. 63rd St., $165,000.

Little, Robert J. and Elaine R. to Southwood Village LLC , 4700 S. Coddington Ave., rural, $251,000.

Luedke, Helen D. to Lurk, Richard James II and Sarah Kate , 2853 Porter Ridge Road, $170,000.

Lupori, Charles to Lupori, Charles and Jeanette , 4737 Fir Hollow Lane, $205,300.

Lytton, James J. to Guardian Property Services LLC , 6641 S. 57th St., $152,000.

May, Iven A. to May, Kenneth J. and Irene M. , 3411 Sheridan Blvd., $130,000.

Mayse, Alex N. and Kelley L. to Secretary Of The Department Of Housing and Urban Develoment , 5421 Betty Lou Blvd., $167,355.

Mcclatchey, Marie A. to Meade, Evan P and Lourdes A. , 4531 S. 43rd St., $125,000.

McCulley, Marcus A. and L. Jolene to Federal National Mortgage Association , 2738 N.W. Columbine Drive, $146,906.

McCullough, Robert J. and Donna L. to Van Duyn, Kelly L. and Lisa M. , 8101 S.W. Woodberry Drive, rural, $327,200.

Mckay, Robert J. and Kimberly A. to Johnson, Lawrence L. and Marlene T. , 4821 Eagle Ridge Road, $214,000.

McManaman, Mark A. and Dorothy J. to Koehler, Scott and Justine , 8022 Eastwood Court, $336,500.

Miller, Carol J. to Federal National Mortgage Association , 3040 Agate Court, $121,088.

Miller, Larry and Angie M. to Strain, Scott A. and Sheryl A. , 29051 N. Golden Pond Road, rural, $226,900.

Moore, Joyce Ann to Secretary Of The Department Of Veterans Affairs , 8001 Leo Lane, $149,821.

Moore, Raymond K. and Kathleen L. to Dawes, Kwame S. N. and Lorna M. , 5901 S. 77th St., $345,000.

Neighborhoods Inc., D/B/A Neighborworks Lincoln to Hardesty, Travis L. and Shannon K. , 2331 U St., $135,000.

Nider, Jack and Kathleen Trustee to Olson, Steven William , 4030 S. 39th St., $178,000.

Nisley, Lavon S. Trust to Rayburn, Gerald A. and Sandra J. , 2401 Winding Way, $146,500.

Norquest, Brenda to Nguyen, Gia Van and Hoa T. , 539 W. Dilin St., $110,000.

North West Townhomes LLC to Hartog, Roger L. and Arlinda K. , 11140 N. 144th St., Waverly, $117,900.

Oestmann, Carl D. and Renae S. to Logsdon, Michael W. and Tami S. , 7424 Grand Oaks Drive, $195,000.

Ohlman, Timothy A. and Kathleen R. to Jones, Michael E. Sr and Brenda A. , 4900 N.W. 10th St., $166,000.

Ohlrich, Brian T. and Monica R. to Schmit, Jade M. and Hood, Chad G. , 2327 N. 74th St., $152,000.

Old City Homes Inc., to Scott, Anthony and Blue, Amanda L. , 2930 Forest Ave., $350,000.

Olson, Bill R. and Joann C. to Peters, Alton H. and Betty L. , 4424 Smoke Tree Hollow St., $126,000.

Ortman, Deborah M. to Judt, Phillip J. , 7410 Poplar Road, $157,900.

Pinecrest Partners to Klosterman, John C. III and Julie A. , 1163 Turtle Creek Road, $156,900.

Pioneer Woods LLC to Carlson, Charlotte L. , no situs, $210,000.

Pioneer Woods LLC to Carlson, Charlotte L. , no situs, $210,000.

Pittman, Douglas W. to Fornander, Wade E. and Kristin E. , 5747 Culwells Road, $240,000.

Popal, Najibullah to Rezvani, Hamid and Rohani, Laleh , 5701 S. 41st St., $114,000.

Powell, Robert V. and Denise M. to Dorn, Russell and Stacey , 4100 W. Claire Ave., rural, $280,000.

Redhage, Elizabeth P to Jeffrey, Thomas A. and Katherine L. , 1015 Twin Ridge Road, $245,000.

Ritterling, Vicki Ann to Abelbeck, Clarissa J. and Heintzelman, Jordan A. , 2022 S. 51st St., $118,000.

Roubal, Jeremy and Erin C. to Betz, Craig E. and Kaitlyn J. , 1831 S.W. 36th St., $142,000.

Rybak Homes LLC to Abendroth, Curtis L. and Michele M. , 9601 Eastview Road, $299,950.

Sander, Kevin J. to Williams, Kyle M. and Lindsey K. , 5830 Limestone Road, $168,000.

Schaufelberger, Robert E. and Geraldine A. to Gottsche, Sharon K. , 7721 Glynoaks Drive, $228,000.

Schroeder, Robert J. and Delores M. to Peters, Patrick J. and Dacia , 10140 N. 150th St., Waverly, $220,000.

Schulz, Emily L. to Staehr, Daniel W. and Cassandra A. , 836 W. Leon Drive, $128,900.

Seacrest, Tyler P to Oglesby, Claire , 2501 Winthrop Road, $149,000.

Sjodin, Katherine to Kovar, Russell D. , no situs, $180,000.

Smith, Philip M. to Jurgena, Timothy A. and Kyla K. , 3830 Blackberry Circle, $116,500.

Sokolewicz, Jason and Summer to Jennings, Susan Lynn , 2019 Ryons St., $151,000.

Southview Holding Company Inc., to A. and R. Food Company LLC , 4724 Pioneers Blvd., $247,500.

Speidell, Todd J. to Tran, Khiem Hoang and Dang, Ban Mai Thi , 2535 N. 82 Court, $187,500.

Staples, Madge H. to Oestmann, Carl D. and Renae S. , 1131 S. 112th St., rural, $350,000.

Stonybrook Homes Inc., to Redhage, Elizabeth P , 7609 Kentwell Lane, $210,139.

Stonybrook Homes Inc., to Cassner, Mary Ellen , 7605 Kentwell Lane, $203,755.

Stradal, Deana and Schweitzer, Trevor A. to Brenden, Robert A. , 2257 Grainger Pkwy, $284,500.

Sutter Place Properties LLC to Schroeder, Robert J. and Delores Mae , 6807 Chandon Drive, $188,500.

Tatro, Jeremy L. and Clyde, Krista R. to Henke, Crystal C. , 2327 W. Garfield St., $118,000.

Tatum, Richard D. and Susan D. to Dillon, Peggy Lee , 5714 Shadow Lane, $163,000.

Taylor, David T. and Donna to Fortkamp, Dee A. and Jennifer A. , 827 Moraine Drive, $164,500.

Timber Ridge Homes Inc., to Meyer, Brent D. and Lynn L. , 5041 Beckys Way, $187,589.

Timber Ridge Homes Inc., to Kremarik, Mark R. and Carla L. , 5049 Beckys Way, $182,395.

Troester, Gwen J. to Ball Real Estate Co , 2815 Porter Ridge Road, $150,000.

Viktor Derun Construction Inc., to Eucker, Jeremy and Molly , 5340 N. 11th St., $246,223.

Vistar Homes Inc., to Ernst, Alex J. , 5201 N.W. Pemberly Lane, $166,618.

Wenzl, Duane H. to Flynn, Shirley Anne , 200 Parkvale, $165,000.

Wesely, Donald R. and Corrie J. to Shiffermiller, Scott and Jessie , 4724 A St., $240,000.

White, Seth J. to White, Zachary R. and Andrea , 3130 Williamsburg Drive, $220,000.

Wilbur, Linda D. to Molsen, Michael Z. , 239 Pebble Beach, rural, $150,000.

Williams, Joleanna M. and Sandblom, David S. to Wieck, Margaret E. , 5106 Old Creek Road, $210,000.

Wineteer, Ryan W. and Cassandra J. to Motes, Tami J. , 5421 La Salle St., $140,000.

Wolff, Charles L. and Fern A. to Belschner, John F. and Diane K. , 4403 Ridgeview Drive, $124,000.

Woods, Robert S. Trust to Kuhn, Jason D. and Carolyn L. , 805 Larkspur Drive, Hickman, $146,500.

Wortman, Libbie G. to Broker, Ryan L. and Kimberle J. , 3545 S. 37th St., $154,000.

Wusk, Ralph W. and Steffens, Evi J. to Lovorn, Gary D. , 930 W. Burt Drive, $165,000.

Yankee Hill Townhomes LLC to Chapp, Marlene G. Living Trust , 8643 Ridge Hollow Drive, $169,900.

Yankee Hill Townhomes LLC to Lewis, Gentry L. , 8501 Flintlock Circle, $129,900.

Yankee Hill Townhomes LLC to Holland, Harold L. and Betty L. , 8543 Flintlock Circle, $127,900.

Yankee Hill Townhomes LLC to Harvey, Sharon R. , 8519 Flintlock Circle, $127,900.

Zilly, Mary Frances to Hoffman, Susan K. , 7541 Old Post Road No. 1, $120,000.



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