Marriage licenses, 07/13/11

2011-07-13T23:45:00Z Marriage licenses, 07/13/11
July 13, 2011 11:45 pm

Kon, Joseph Bior, 32, Lincoln, and Ayach, Sarah Kom, 31, Canada

Qian, Junjie, 27, Lincoln, and Yi, Pan, 26, Lincoln

Isaacs, Brandon Matthew, 22, Hickman, and Wahl, Danielle Elizabeth, 23, Lincoln

Brogren, Michael Paul, 24, Lincoln, and Miller, Olga Calleianna, 21, Lincoln

Frederick, Anthony Paul, 29, Lincoln, and Frey, Melissa Ann, 25, Lincoln

Ertl, Christopher Carl, 35, Lincoln, and Brodrick, Melannie Sue, 35, Lincoln

Buesing, Kord Allen, 20, Lincoln, and Huenink, Julie Anne, 19, Lincoln

Rhodes, Jordan Michael, 23, Lincoln, and Thaut, Jennifer Marie, 23, Lincoln

Lamken, Richard Charles, 27, Lincoln, and McIntosh, Jennifer Anne, 27, Lincoln


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