Minimum sentences for publication, one or more of the following: 60 days’ jail, $1,000 total fine, one year probation or license suspension. Court costs additional to fines. Age and address, if any, from public record. Corrections will be made only if public record was reported incorrectly. District Court judge’s name in parentheses. DUI sentences that include an ignition lock requirement include the notation INTR.


Third-degree assault

Velder, Tristen L., 20, transient, 3 years, 6 months to 6 years prison. Also possession of a firearm with a felony drug violation. (Colborn)

Ackerman, Payne A., 23, Lincoln, 150 days jail, 2 years probation. Also resisting arrest. (Otte)

Gillan, Andrew P., 23, Lincoln, 2 days jail, $1,000 fine. (Maret)

Third-degree domestic assault

Peden, Ryan E., transient, 365 days jail. (Maret)

Assault by a confined person-no weapon

Carr, Joshua D., 22, Lincoln, 12 to 24 months prison. (Strong)

Attempt of a class 2A felony

Brenagh, Eric L., 38, Lincoln, 4 years probation. (Jacobsen)

Attempt of a class 3A or class 4 felony

Maas, Rocklin L., 32, Wilber, 12 months probation. (McManaman)

Attempt of a class 4 felony

Coffman, Katrina L., 31, 365 days jail. (Nelson)

Rose, Robert E., 34, Lincoln, 440 days prison, 2 counts. (McManaman)

Vaughn, Mark A., 41, St. Paul, Minnesota, 365 days jail. (Nelson)

Bogan, Nateesha J., 34, Lincoln, 18 months probation. (Jacobsen)

Moore, Randall A., 57, Lincoln, 2 years probation. (Ideus)

Lafler, William B., 61, Lincoln, 90 days jail, $500 fine. (Strong)

Scott, Cody A., 53, Seward, 2 years probation. (McManaman)

Brodd, Justin J., 21, Lincoln, 2 years probation, $1,000 fine. (Ideus)


Winston, Leonda Jr., 34, Lincoln, 2 to 4 years prison. (Jacobsen)

Commit child abuse intentionally/no injury

Ruvalcaba Deluna, Fredi M., 21, Lincoln, 2 years prison. (Maret)

Driving while revoked from DUI/refusal

Tolle, Richard B., 48, Maxwell, 180 days jail, license revoked 15 years. (Jacobsen)

DUI-2nd offense

Yunge, Veronica M., 48, Lincoln, 10 days jail, 2 years probation, license revoked 18 months, $500 fine. (Otte)

DUI-4th offense

Kravits, Joshua J., 30, Lincoln, 300 days jail, license revoked 15 years, INTR, $1,000 fine. (Ideus)

Second-degree forgery $1,500-$5,000

Oquin, Steve L., 62, Lincoln, 3 years probation. (McManaman)

Manufacture/deliver/distribute/dispense/ possess an exceptionally hazardous drug

Landers, Troy L., 30, Lincoln, 5 to 10 years prison. (Jacobsen)

Possession of a controlled substance

Bloch, Justin A., 29, Lincoln, 240 days jail. Also attempt of a class 3 or 3A felony. (McManaman)

Henderson, Frennel J., 29, Lincoln, 24 to 48 months prison. Also manufacture/deliver/distribute/dispense/ possess an exceptionally hazardous drug, possession of money while violating 28-416(1). (Jacobsen)


Tiller, Travion J., 29, Omaha, 15 to 25 years prison. (Jacobsen)

Third-degree sexual assault of a child

Payne, Yarnell Q., 34, Lincoln, 3 years prison. (Nelson)

Tampering with physical evidence

Bigelow, Stacey J., 28, transient, 24 months prison. (Strong)

Theft by deception $500-$1,500

Wessel, Kristina L., 33, Lincoln, 365 days jail. (Nelson)

Needles, Blake E., 48, Lincoln, 180 days jail. (Colborn)

Theft by receiving stolen property $0-$500

Donnar, Matthew J., 32, transient, 2 years probation. (McManaman)

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