Building permits and real estate transfers in Lincoln.


Building permits issued by City Building and Safety Department. Listings show address, owner’s name, description, estimated value. Minimum value: $45,000.

Residential9031 Eagleton Lane, BOJO LLC, single family residence and garage, $172,000.


3755 W. Plum St., Hausmann Development LLC, single family residence and garage, $139,000.

5441 N. 12th St., Mark Hunter, single family residence and garage, $100,000.

5901 Bridle Lane, Prairie Home Builders Inc., single family residence and garage, $148,000.

8901 Del Rio Drive, Heunink Construction Inc., single family residence and garage, $150,000.

6610 S. 21st St., Kinning Sydow Builders Inc., single family residence and garage, $395,000.

9035 Colby St., McGill and Wulf Construction Inc., single family residence and garage, $170,000.

8744 Colby St., Lewis Homes, single family residence and garage, $135,000.

7820 Upton Grey Lane, Aspen Builders Inc., single family residence and garage, $150,000.

1814 S.W. 38th St., Willow Creek Construction, single family residence, $200,000.

2110 N. 91st St., Don Johnson Homes Inc., single family residence and garage, $160,000.

1721 S.W. 30th St., Hartland Homes Inc., single family residence and garage, $100,379.

8801 Leighton Ave., Scott C. Anderson, single family residence and garage, $102,000.

8731 Leighton Ave., B&K Enterprises Inc., single family residence and garage, $102,000.

8801 Colby St., Rembolt Development, single family residence and garage, $143,000.

5900 Chatsworth Lane, Rembolt Development, single family residence and garage, $109,000.

2155 N.W. 47th St., Smetter Custom Homes, single family residence, $90,000.

8112 Hunters Ridge Road, Prairie Home Builders Inc., single family residence and garage, $185,000.

16815 Hickman Road, Shawn Hittle, single family residence, $204,000.

Commercial4015 S. 49th St.,  Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, addition to church, $2,524,944.


4901 O St., City of Lincoln, retaining wall, $60,000.

1600 S. 48th St., Bryan Memorial Hospital, second floor Area B cardiac scan project, $63,894.

201 S. 68th St. Place, Southeast Community College, interior remodel of existing doctor’s office facility, $140,000.

1501 Pine Lake Road, Northern Lights, new interior finish for U.S. Army, $50,000.

Transfers $60,000 or more (this list may not contain the names of all buyers and sellers involved in a property transfer):


Ahlstedt, Kenneth O., to Ahlstedt, William D., and Dinges, Brenda A., 6633 Leighton Ave., $89,669.

Ahlstedt, Kenneth O., to Ahlstedt, William D., and Dinges, Brenda A., 1445 N. 63 St., $98,667.

Anderson, Edna I., to Ball, Maxine H., 1540 N. Cotner Blvd, No. B325, $63,000.

Anderson, Richard C., to Woodard, James E., 7421 Wren Circle, $260,000.

Arbor Heights II LLC to Bice, Dawn M. and Chadd E., 225 Orchard Place, Hickman, $167,280.

Arbor Heights II LLC to Hearn, Steven W. Sr. and Patricia A., 215 Orchard Place, Hickman, $164,600.

Aspen Builders Inc. to Barkley, Mark, 5340 Rockford Drive, $201,243.

Bacon, Gregory S. and Suzanne L., to Knobbe, Sara A., 140 Benton Court, $160,000.

Ballou, John E. Sr., to Roach, Duane J. and Jama L., 10901 N. 84th St., rural, $190,000.

Barton, Steven S. and Diane K., to Kolb, Steven L., 7811 Trendwood Drive, $156,000.

Barton, Traci R., to Watson, Tyler and Ann, 7400 S. 16th St., $174,000.

Black, Scott and Shannon, trustees, to Pardee, Michael R., 3150 Ryons St., $155,000.

Bolte, Benjamin B. and Julie A., to Abreo, Elias, 1761 S.W. 31st St., $134,000.

Bowden, William L. and Betty, to Masek, Mark A. and Ravae M., 25600 S. 148th St., rural, $371,300.

Boyko, Sara K., to Johnson, Shari, 625 Washington St., $118,550.

Bratt, Denise L., to Minzel, Travis J. and Alicia M., 4201 Bingham Lane, $125,500.

Bring, Sharon A., to Stille, Joel B., and Polson, Lindsay K., 7231 Willow Ave., $134,180.

Bustamante, Jose L., to Bauman, Lucas, 1531 S. 22nd St., $139,000.

Carter, Robert D. and Diane M., to Schoenbeck, Russell D. and Ashley L., 208 Main St., Hickman, $88,000.

Cerny, Candace, to Mack, Shane D. and Misty R., 1942 Preamble Lane, $115,900,

Cherry Hill Homes Inc. to Ngu, Rebecca, and Chan, Onlei, 808 Pier 2, $88,500.

Cherry Hill Homes Inc. to Whitmore, Robin L. and Julie A., 2210 N. 87th St., $186,000.

Corporate Relocation Services Inc. to CRS Relocation LLC, 3910 Lynchburg Court, $307,500.

Crocker, Brandon W. and Heather M., to Becker, Lynette K., 300 W. Irving St., $146,500.

Crounse Homes Inc. to Collins, Rye M. and Joni, 10210 N. 152nd St., Waverly, $210,321.

Damkroger, Thomas G. and Deanne Y., to Rodriguez, Michael, and Connelly, Laura, 9306 Panama Road, rural, $176,500.

Davison, Leo R. and Kathryn A., to Davison, Lee M., and Harms, Amanda C., 10530 N. 146th St., Waverly, $160,000.

Delk Investments LLC to Keith, Richard L. and Sharon L., 701 Driftwood Drive, $140,000.

Dickerson, Daryl L. and Jody H. D., to Dee, Ryan P. and Theresa A., 2319 S. 72nd St., $193,500.

Don Johnson Homes Inc. to Roberts, Joseph J., 3009 San Agustin Drive, $152,500.

Duba, Dustin, to Quackenbush, Terry L. and Cheryl A., 7707 W. Princeton Road, rural, $160,000.

Duncan, Ryan W., to Duncan, Greg C. and Karen L., 2209 S.W. 18th St., $91,000.

Eagles Nest Storage LLC to Treesite Mhp LLC, 2340 W. O St., $380,000.

Equity One Inc., to Myhre, Pamela J., 4442 Calvert St., $71,000.

Essman LLC to Tabitha Housing Corp., 828 S. 47th St., $290,000.

Faubion, Joseph L. and Mindy J., to Collamore, Casey, 3945 Garfield St., $117,000.

Faust, Gary G., to Highway 15 Inc., null, $367,500.

Fick, Daniel R., and Kniesteadt, Douglas, to Fick, Daniel R. and Melody, 5824 N. 20th St., $180,000.

Fishman, Anita, to Glantz, Irwin L., 6800 P St., $738,000.

Fitch, Sharon A., trustee, to Hansen, Larry R. and Betty A., 3424 Neerpark Drive, $102,500.

Fleecs, Beverly J., to Hunter, Ryan P. and Marcy J., 6109 Baldwin Ave., $105,000.

Fox, Jaimie L., to Vuko, Nicholas M., 2607 Nottingham Court, $95,900.

Frazier Construction Co. Inc. to Klein, Scott and Julie L., 5929 Chatsworth Lane, $318,324.

G. A. S. Inc. to Duweling, Michael A. and Rebekah E., 3342 Washington St., $93,500.

Gandara, Roman G. and Nicole D., to Burback, Greggary and Jennifer, 5510 Madalyn Road, $172,000.

Gaston, Tom and Glenda, to Williby, Bryce J. and Camilla D., 8211 Whitney Court, $211,000.

Gladding, D. Lee and Dana K., to Shock, Thomas M. and Diane F., 11001 Rocky Ridge Road, rural, $150,000.

Gladding, Dana K., to Shock, Thomas M. and Diane F., 11001 Rocky Ridge Road, rural, $159,750.

Glover, Jason E. and Michelle L., to Butterfield, Michael G. and Christine M., 3144 Stephanos Drive, $169,000.

Goble, Ronald J. and Sandra B., to Gardner, Seth and Tara, 1303 Idylwild Drive, $175,000.

Godden, Lola, to Odean, Greg M., and Barrett, Robin R., 7245 Leighton Ave., $123,500.

Gonzalez, Jose E., to Polzien, Joellen W., 2808 Ponca St., $138,500.

Gorthey, Russell L. et al, to Karl, Douglas A. and Sandra K., 2528 N. 49th St., $225,000.

Groeling, Christopher A., to Ziola, Brad J. and Tiffanie B., 6711 Cleveland Ave., $128,600.

Gwyn, Ellen R., to Edwards, Amy, and Estes,, Justin, 1321 N. 55th St., $87,250.

Hachiya, Kim H., and White, Thomas, to Donnelson, Morris B. and Marcia A., 1935 High St., $189,000.

Hamilton, Scott R. and Amanda M., to Brunke, Tiffaney, 1025 S. 30th St., $93,750.

Hartland Homes Inc. to Hurd, Troy M., 1531 S.W. Lacey Lane, $153,315.

Hauser, Carol A., to Tucker, John W. and Juanita J., 4110 Roy St., Roca, $79,000.

Hausmann and Sons Construction Inc. to Kelso, Nicholas R. and Michele A., 1863 S.W. 37th St., $209,000.

Hearn, Patricia and Steven W. Sr., to Effle, Dustin J., 823 B St., $90,000.

Herbert, Glen E. and Inez M., to Luebbe, Leah, 5430 Orchard St., $68,500.

Highway 15 Inc. to Apples Way LLC, 1212 N.W. 48th St., rural, $705,660.

Highway 15 Inc. to Apples Way LLC, null, $705,660.

Hintz, John E. and Mary E., to Kaspar, Kimberly, and Morehart, Jeannie G., 9301 Hickman Road, rural, $154,000.

Hirt, Bethold J. and Donna M., to Steen, Sandra D., 1633 Sunburst Lane, $104,000.

Hopkins, Russ, to Good Earth Investments LLC, 2948 Sequoia Drive, $166,000.

Hunt, Ronald E. and Janelle A., to Schenk, Alyson M. and Dylan R., 5227 W. Partridge Lane, $130,000.

Hurd, Troy M., to Duane Hartman Investments Inc., 2736 S. Eighth St., $73,000.

Iwasake, Laura R., to Deeter, Douglas E., 128 N. 13th St, No. 208, $124,000.

Jacobson, Douglas W., to Johnson, Scott, and McKinnon, Michele, 3101 N. Cotner Blvd, $104,000.

Jiang, Yunquan and Jun H., to Kreft, Kaleb G. and Amanda M., 2855 Homeland Place, $131,000.

Jirovsky, Lillian A., to Oligmueller-Rodaway, Kelley A., 320 Indian Road, $130,000.

Judds, Mary Jane, to Airan, Sandra, 2710 Anderson Drive, $140,000.

Keeler, Kathleen H., trust, to Hasselman, Greg, 3633 Washington St., $100,500.

Lasalle Bank National Association to Southworth, Eugene D. and Mary L., 3700 F St., $101,500.

Lentfer, Mildred R., to Worm, Wayne T. and Tonia F., 6700 Gladstone St., $112,500

Lewis, Arsenio A. et al, to Fiala, David M., 532 N. 24th St., $71,000.

Li, Jiangyu, to Sapp, Tyler W. and Jeanette K., 7855 Barrington Place, $222,500.

Lincoln Ridge Pointe LLC to Aspen Builders Inc., 6820 S. Ridge Drive, $76,000.

Lintel, Thomas and Patricia, to Duncan, Ryan W. and Kelli L., 5931 Everett St., $148,000.

Litsey, Opal, to Mickelson, Linda R., 7311 Kearney Ave., $72,000.

Llic, Dragan and Ljiljana, to Myers, Charles W. and Jennifer M., 5306 S. 39th St., $120,500.

Logan LLC to Wineman, Donna P., 7534 Kentwell Lane, $239,749.

Lynn, Crystal L., to West Blue Land and Cattle Co. LLC, 4821 Thomasbrook Lane, $202,179.

M. and S. Construction Inc. to Guinta, Vincent J. Jr., 4137 W. Thatcher Circle, $154,000.

Mack, David G. and Jasmine K., to Yonker, Tiffany L., 535 Tyler St., Bennet, $106,000.

Macke, Marjorie E., to Shaw, Robert J., 3882 Starr St., $116,000.

Mandel LLC to Manzitto Inc., 8919 Lammle Circle, $69,900.

Mandel LLC to Manzitto Inc., 8924 Lammle Circle, $74,900.

Manion, Shane, to Gornell, Raymond E. and June A., 4620 Firebush Lane, $326,795.

Marker, Robert A. Jr., and Cathy L., to Spale, Valerie L., 8927 Venice Lane, $125,000.

Marushak, Adolph and Dorothy, to Sauter, Adam C. and Michelle K., 4057 Woods Blvd, $111,000.

McGovern, Erin K., to Conard, Sheri A., 4410 Baldwin Ave., $105,000.

McKendree, Lorraine (Life Est), to Ukinski, Thomas A., and Christensen, Cynthia F., 5824 Enterprise Drive, $76,000.

McLaughlin, Scott W. and Nicole L., to Hill, Rowland S. and Christina A., 6030 S. 78th St., $270,000.

Meyer Homes Inc. to Lehms, Jeff, 7940 S. 16th St., $161,000.

North 27th St. LLC to Carstens, Beverley, 5831 Enterprise Drive, No. 303, $124,900.

Norton, Kristin J., to Linneman, Lisa M., 1725 S. 48th St., $83,500.

O’Leary, Timothy C. and Frances C., to Frizzell-Pratt, Nicholas C., 2400 A St, No. 10, $69,000.

Osborn, Gregory L. and Faye M., to Zach, James J. and Joyce A., 1318 Surfside Court, $217,000.

Ost, Michael A., to Zakrzewski, Luke and Becky, 5115 S. 53rd St., $137,400.

Park, Rebecca B., to Bandemer, Don L. and Belinda T., 3021 S. 57th St., $122,000.

Placeachy, Lewis W., to Mann, Jeffre J. and Christine M., 5821 Rolling Hills Blvd, $245,000.

Poldberg, Scott and Helen, to Primacy Closing Corp., 3421 Canyon Road, $186,000.

Prairie Home Builders Inc. to Meyer, Brian R. and Pepper H., 2452 N. 88th St., $229,958.

Pratt, Todd and Rita, to Foxvog, Lynne, 7801 N. 84th St., rural, $128,000.

Primacy Closing Corp. to Baumert, Ryan J. and Rachel A., 3421 Canyon Road, $186,000.

Rezny, Leon L., to O’Donnell, Patrick J. and Kristin M., 5940 Queens Drive, $125,000.

Richart, Susan A., to Fitzsimmons, Richard, 1119 B St., $98,000.

Rosburg Enterprises to Truell, Jon H. and Amy E., 2521 Sumner St., $104,500.

Schaefer, Stephanie, to Eckert, Gregory J., and Fleischer, Jean M., 1902 Normandy Lane, $165,000.

Schell, Diane, to Homebuyers Inc., 5400 Stonecliffe Drive, $69,001.

Schmidt, Duane H. and Clarice J., to Fogerty, John K. and Dru A., 4930 W. Sumner St., rural, $220,000.

Schopf, Lela M. and Morris, to Western Hemisphere Holding Co. LLC, null, $720,000.

Shoppers Fair LLC to Glantz, Irwin L., 6800 P St., $738,000.

Southview Inc. and Ridge Dev Co. to Moreno, Jorge F., null, $60,000.

Southworth, Eugene D. and Mary L., to Saleh, Aram J. and Kurdustan J. and Awara, 503 Trail Ridge Circle, $181,000.

Steager, David L., to Keiser, Brian A. and Mattie N., 1709 N. 25th St., $86,000.

Sterling Hills II LLC to Lamoree, Rebecca J., 3543 McLaughlin Drive, $131,900.

Stewart, Owen T. and Jane A., to Going, Michael A. Jr., and Melissa M., 5000. W. Leighton Ave., $105,000.

Stonybrook Homes Inc. to Bolte, Benjamin B. and Julie A., 8201 S. 57th St., $174,500.

Tiemann, Alan and Lori, to Taylor, Thomas M., 1820 Preamble Lane, $120,000.

Timmons, Patricia K., to Gullickson, Matthew W., 1600 N. 61st St., $119,000.

Tonniges, Ronald A. and Marva R., to Juma, Jayne M., 8451 Norval Road, $327,500.

Trinh, Tho Van and Them Thi, to Guiza, Jose G. Mendez, and Castro, Beatriz, 4511 Lewis Ave., $111,000.

Underhill, Alice Ann, to Etzelmiller, Arjay J., 8030 Dawson Creek Drive, $230,000.

Underwood Construction Co. LLC to Welch, Michelle A. and Michael T., 2310 Scotch Pine Trail, $285,000.

US Bank to Jolliffe, Cynthia K. and Thomas J., 409 W. Beal St., $88,900.

Volzke, Spencer D. and Andrew D., to Pernicek, Brandy M., 5431 Garland St., $102,500.

Ward, Michaela M. and James M., to Lind-Olson, Heather and Jared, 4125 M St., $93,500.

Wasserman, Leonard D. and Delores L., to McKim, Nicholas S., 10310 N. 151st St., rural, $186,500.

Westering, William H., to Czarnick, Kelli, 1627 Old Glory Road, $129,900.

Wheeler, Dennis L. and Marta K., to Priester, Mark A. and Debbie J., 5321 S. 68th St., $144,500.

Willow Creek Construction Inc. to Bauer, Justin M. and Lori A., 1530 Deer Trail, rural, $61,500.

Wilson, Scott Andrew and Jessica Erin, to Nguyen, Thong Duc and Duyen, 2022 Breckenridge Drive, $180,000.

Woods Investment Co. to Nagel, Michael J., no situs, $109,000.

Yarmolyuk, Rulsan V. and Yelena L., to Zila, Brent Richard Werner, 2800 N.W. 55th St., $117,000.

Yindrick, William C. and Melissa M., to Hudson, Casey and Karla, 4300 W. Peach St., rural, $215,000.