Crime scene tape blocks entrance to 2519 E Street on Oct. 26, 2008. (Gwyneth Roberts) Gwyneth Roberts

Police arrested a 19-year-old Lincoln man Saturday night after finding his mother dead in their home near Lincoln High School.

Officers found 50-year-old Sherry Sue Fox dead in the basement at 2519 E St. just before 10 p.m. while investigating a reported disturbance, said Lincoln Police Chief Tom Casady.

They arrested Matthew Allen Fox, Sherry’s son, and he remained in custody Sunday.

Travon Street, 16, who was visiting a friend who lives across the from the Foxes, said Matthew Fox came over Saturday to ask them to call police.

Street said Fox told them he “did something bad.”

Street and 16-year-old Uriel Castaneda, his friend, said Fox appeared calm but couldn’t stand straight and appeared drunk.

They said Fox told them he was locked out of his house. Street and Castaneda said they didn’t believe his story.

Fox then flagged down a passing driver and convinced that person to call 911, Street said.

Investigators said they believe Sherry Fox suffered severe trauma when she was hit with an object. They said they believe they have taken that object into evidence.

An autopsy on Sherry Fox has been scheduled.

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