Wal-Mart will build a 133,000-square-foot superstore at 27th Street and Grainger Parkway, according to a letter from a Wal-Mart government relations manager to Councilman Jon Camp.

This is the second letter to city officials confirming Wal-Mart’s intent to develop the supercenter despite objections from neighbors. 

The first letter went to Mayor Chris Beutler after the mayor's staff met with Wal-Mart officials. This latest letter was in response to a letter from Camp, whose district includes the 27th and Grainger location.

Wal-Mart did review other sites for a superstore and considered the suggestion that the retailer build a smaller store at the 27th and Grainger location, according to the letter.

“After a thorough review of the alternatives, our experts concluded that the 27th and Grainger site is the best location from which to serve our customers in southwest Lincoln,” said the letter from Ryan Irsik, senior public affairs manager.

Wal-Mart executives also rejected the idea that they put in a smaller neighborhood market that provides primarily groceries at the location.

“Our conclusion is that our customers will be better served by a supercenter format.”

The proposed store would be the smallest supercenter in Lincoln, the letter said.

The Wal-Mart store will be part of a 153,000-square-foot development that includes an existing bank and two additional 6,000-square-feet retail pads, according to the letter.

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