The County Treasurer's office will save more than $50,000 a year after adjusting its banking practices last month.

County Treasurer Andy Stebbing said he's working to become the most efficient treasurer's office in the nation.

The office hadn't evaluated its banking fees in 12 years and was paying $88,000 annually in checking and other fees, but Stebbing thought that was too high and got it reduced to $35,000 a year.

Wells Fargo employees shadowed the treasurer's staff for a month in order to help find inefficiencies and help with improvements.

"Andy Stebbing opened his doors and asked for a thorough evaluation of the methods in place at the Treasurer’s Office," said Monica Balters, vice president of Wells Fargo. "A number of changes have been implemented, saving his staff time while lowering banking fees."

One of the changes involves the Department of Motor Vehicles, which will begin using electronic check systems, so when you write a check for your license plates the money will be automatically withdrawn from your account.

Previously, the county wouldn't see the money for a week and was charged fees every time the money went from one bank to another, Stebbing said.

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