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Dennis Parker
Dennis Parker, District 3 U.S. congressional candidate (courtesy photo) IMAGE SERVICES

Dennis L. Parker, District 3

Age: 58

Address: 2479 33rd Ave. Columbus

Occupation: Music/worship support at Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbus

Political party: Republican

Website: None

Parker said he is running to represent the 3rd District based on constitutional principles and Christian ethics. He seeks less federal government, less taxation and to stress the importance of family values, to ban abortion and promote more individual states' rights.

He said he has studied at Grace University in Omaha. He has served in the military and served his church for 14 years through mission trips. He's the president of a nonprofit education/religious corporation, In The Beginning-Family Christian Theme Park Inc.

What would you like to accomplish as a member of the House during the next two years?

It's been said that to destroy America, it would be from within. This is tue; we need to stop this destruction. As a representative, I want to be bold, stand for our constitutional principles and Christian ethics our country was founded on and work for the citizens in the Third District in retaining our freedoms God blessed us with.

Do you believe Congress should attempt to govern in a more bipartisan way, and if so, what actions would you take to try to help achieve that?

Yes. Actions taken should continuously reference our divinely inspired Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Most notably, these words: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor." It is We the People, not Us the Party.

On what issues would you expect to vote differently than most members of your party?

At this point it is difficult to say. I suppose it would involve issues that would benefit personal interests rather than the representatives' constituents. Representatives work for the people, they are hired by the people, thus I would oppose any legislation that would benefit personal interests.

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What are your major agreements and disagreements with the agenda of President Barack Obama?

I agree our health care system could be changed. I disagree on his policy of that change. Our health care providers and insurers need to be independent of federal policies, they should not be forced into any unconstitutional restrictions or mandates. Also, I am pro-Israel; we have no authority to officially mandate any restrictions on them, but work with them.

Will you seek or support appropriations earmarks for worthy projects in your district and the state? Why or why not?

Yes and no. Yes, for example, improvements in our security or educational systems, and non-profits that aid in the support of family values and pro-life. No, if the purpose is to private companies or corporations that support a certain individual by contributions to campaign financing or personal use, or to entities that do not support the American values system.

What are the priority needs of your district?

As with many others, it is the health care issue. Our unemployment rate is better than other districts of the country, but improvement is needed. And, as with the entire country, taxation is huge. We do not need more taxes, and what we have needs to be reduced. Also, agriculture and manufacturing issues are always present.


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