Voter's Guide: Jessica Lynn Turek

2010-04-20T09:55:00Z Voter's Guide: Jessica Lynn TurekBy the Lincoln Journal Star
April 20, 2010 9:55 am  • 

Jessica Lynn Turek, District 1

Age: 30

Address: 7720 Willard Ave.

Occupation: Writer and drummer

Political party: Democratic

Website: None

Turek says she is a Nebraska native who works to make us prouder Nebraskans. She says people deserve economic stability. Technology has made our lives easier and now is the time to make positive adjustments.

Turek has a Bachelor of Arts degree, more than six years of professional library experience and a year of AmeriCorps work.

What would you like to accomplish as a member of the House during the next two years?

Raise the minimum wage; price caps on housing, autos, produce and gas. Price caps on energy and make money beautiful and smell good.

Do you believe Congress should attempt to govern in a more bipartisan way, and if so, what actions would you take to try to help achieve that?

Bipartisanship is a natural result of good ideas. Positive, the Nebraska we want. Everlasting for the future now.

On what issues would you expect to vote differently than most members of your party?

Didn't respond.

What are your major agreements and disagreements with the agenda of President Barack Obama?

Didn't respond.

Will you seek or support appropriations earmarks for worthy projects in your district and the state? Why or why not?

Didn't respond.

What are the priority needs of your district?

Economic prosperity.

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