Lane Carr has a wager on the Nebraska-Iowa competition.

If the Big Red loses, Carr, head of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's student government, will buy an Omaha steak for his counterpart at the University of Iowa. 

And if Nebraska wins, Iowa Student Government President Elliot Higgins owes Carr a cheeseburger. For the record, it's an impressive burger from Short's Burger & Shine in Iowa City. The patty -- fresh, never frozen -- is 100 percent corn-fed black Angus, according to its website, and the bun is fresh-baked.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers will end their first football regular season in the Big Ten next week with a game against the Iowa Hawkeyes, but what happens on the field is irrelevant to the Carr-Higgins burger-steak battle.

That competition will be decided on Facebook.

The goal of the "Race to Black Friday" is to see which university can attract the most fans to its institutional Facebook page. The school with the most "likes" by Friday wins.

On Friday, 43,888 people had liked the UNL Facebook page, while Iowa's had 43,866. But by Sunday night, the Hawkeyes were up to 44,601, surpassing Nebraska by 342.

Carr wants to assure Husker fans that all is not lost.

Members of the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska are planning a Facebook blitz to attract friends and family as followers.

Higgins said members of Iowa's Student Government are planning the same thing. And they might even make posters.

"We're having a lot of fun with it," Higgins said. "It's a fun way to direct the focus of the rivalry and incorporate social media."

The new Big Ten rivalry serves as an opportunity for UNL to better itself, Carr said. By liking the Facebook page, students and alumni can find more information about all things Husker.

Plus, if Nebraska wins, Carr gets a free dinner.

He isn't new to wagers with rival school politicians -- he made a friendly bet with Ohio State, too. Though this week's gamble might be his last, he says.

"Everyone in the student government office thinks I have a betting problem."

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