The personal data of University of Nebraska employees and parents of students who applied for financial aid are among the records that might have been exposed in an unprecedented database security breach last week, university officials said Sunday.

NU spokeswoman Melissa Lee said the new groups potentially affected by the breach were unknown until just recently. Before, NU officials had said the database system included the records of more than 650,000 students, alumni and applicants to the university system's four campuses.

“This is a clarification, in a sense,” she said. "As we continued to analyze the database this weekend, it became clear that some of the records were of parents and employees."

University officials announced the breach in the Nebraska Student Information System on Friday. The system stores data such as bank account information for as many as 30,000 students, along with the Social Security numbers, addresses, housing and financial aid information, grades and transcripts of hundreds of thousands of others.

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The breach was uncovered by an NU technical staff member late Wednesday "and shut down within hours of its discovery," the university said.

The university contacted Friday students whose bank account information was stored in the system. Others would be contacted in the near future, said NU information security officer Joshua Mauk.

The system, known as MyRed to students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, also is used at NU's campus in Kearney and both campuses in Omaha.

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