The numbers keep growing - but someone, somewhere already pushed play on a Dan Brown video for the nine millionth time.

The Lincoln East senior has 75 videos on YouTube and his most popular video —“How to Solve a Rubik’s Cube (Part One)”— earned him first place in the instructional video category of the YouTube Videos Awards earlier this month.

The 17-year-old was whisked to New York for a two-day media tour that included solving a Rubik’s Cube while jumping on a pogo stick during Fox’s “Studio B” show, a New York Post interview and a video shoot with Associated Press Video.

Brown and other winners were headquartered at Google’s New York office in Time Square. He loved the food served at Google and even attempted to use one of the company’s 100 Razor scooters, the preferred mode of interoffice transportation.

But security officers made him stop using the scooter for liability reasons. (Apparently, they hadn’t seen Brown’s stunt pogo work on YouTube.)

It was talents like Xpogo that led him to YouTube, Brown said. It’s a great place to showcase what he calls his “semi-obscure” talents like stunt pogo, solving a Rubik’s Cube fast, card tricks and juggling.

And he expanded his video repertoire to include social commentary. 

“I like the attention, but what I like even better are the comments from people saying ‘Dan you’re wrong,’” he said in his “Why I YouTube” video.

“I want people to say they disagree with me and tell me why. I want to be as smart and well-informed as possible.”

So he shares his opinions on illegal immigration, abortion, belief in God and global warming. His endorsement of Barack Obama has had more than 10,000 views.

He plans to major in political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next year.

His mom, Becky Brown, a minister at East Lincoln Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), is amazed by the size of her son’s Internet audience.

“I’ve been preaching my entire adult life,” she said, “and I haven’t had that many people listen to me.”

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