Like so many young Nebraskans, Doug Carey came to Lincoln to attend the University of Nebraska. Like so many Nebraskans, he fell in love with a Nebraska lass at the university. Like so many Nebraskans, Doug and Mary have made Lincoln their home.

A number of years ago, he won’t say just how many, as a high school graduate Doug Carey left his family in Norfolk, Nebraska, and showed up in Lincoln to pursue a degree. Zoom forward to today, and Doug serves as executive vice president of Westgate Bank. In that role, he manages the bank’s seven branches in Lincoln. He hires the people in each of those branches (many of them are college students), trains them and mentors them along a career path with the bank.

“I’m especially proud that many of the students I’ve hired have gone on to become leaders in our bank, helping us serve the community,” notes Carey with pride. “It’s especially rewarding to see them grow out of a part-time job, stay with us and eventually provide leadership.”

The world of banking has changed a great deal since his first job with a bank.

“I’ve watched as banks have activated automated teller machines (ATMs), debit cards, electronic signatures and become more automated,” said Carey. “I welcome change and always seek to implement what’s worthwhile to make our bank better.”

Doug and Mary met at UNL, eventually married and raised their six children in Lincoln – except for a short stint in Seattle. Mary hailed from a farm near Wallace, Nebraska, a community southwest of North Platte. They’ve plugged into the Lincoln community in a variety of ways.

“I was the third person from Westgate Bank to participate in the Leadership Lincoln Fellows class,” Carey said with pride. “The experience really had a positive impact on me. I thought I knew about Lincoln, but as the class continued, I learned of the needs and issues that call for us to get involved.”

Carey has made sure that Westgate Bank has continued to nominate participants in Leadership Lincoln classes ever since.

“Leadership Lincoln is a valuable resource for young professionals in Lincoln,” Carey said. “The classes expose participants to community needs, and the classes often are the spark that gets participants involved in leadership.”

Carey has dedicated much of his community leadership to helping coordinate Leadership Lincoln programs. He’s also given his time to serve on the organization’s board.

Carey and his wife are active at St. Joseph Catholic Church. He serves on the Catholic Social Services board in Lincoln, and has been involved in the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) and the American Heart Association, Lincoln chapter.

You would think with a family of six children, seven grandchildren, a challenging job of helping lead Westgate Bank, involvement with his parish and Leadership Lincoln, among other organizations, that Carey’s life would be complete. Nope. He caught a love for baseball from his dad and is an avid collector of baseball memorabilia. As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, he’s been to Major League games in many of the cities that host a team. And very high on his bucket list is a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

But most of all, Carey is dedicated to providing leadership to the city he’s grown to love.


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