A 35-year-old Lincoln man, who already has served four prison sentences in Nebraska, will spend at least the next 10 years there for having a 3.9 gram bag of meth in his pocket.

Ronnie Dubray Jr. pleaded no contest to possession of methamphetamine. On Thursday, Lancaster County District Judge Steven Burns gave him 10 to 20 years. Ten was the mandatory minimum.

And, because prosecutors sought a habitual criminal enhancement, Dubray will have to serve the full 10 years before he is eligible for good time credit.

On June 16, Lincoln police caught him with the meth in his pants pocket and $1,520 in his pickup after stopping him driving on Lincoln Mall.

On April 4, police found a 3.4 gram bag of marijuana and a 4 gram bag of meth in his pocket and .3 grams of meth in the handle of a screwdriver when they searched his pickup.

"I feel like I'm standing before you today as an addict not a criminal," he told Burns Thursday.

Dubray said he made a vow to his family to make the best of whatever he got.