A league bowler went over the line when he used pepper spray on two opponents after zapping one of them with a stun gun, Lincoln police said.

The man accused of misdemeanor assault told police he was defending himself.

According to police reports, two teams were trash talking during a league match at Sun Valley Lanes on Thursday night.

"But everything was friendly," one of the bowlers told police, according to the report.

Three of the team members walked outside and, they told police, were followed by opponent Matthew Lafon, 20. According to reports, Lafon and one of the team members, a 30-year-old man, were arguing face-to-face when Lafon pulled out an 80,000-volt stun gun and applied it to the man's abdomen.

The man hit Lafon in the face and pushed him away. One of the other bowlers, 28, went to break up the confrontation and was pepper sprayed when Lafon pulled a canister from his pocket and aimed it at the man who pushed him.

Lafon drove home and was contacted by police at his apartment at 2820 Jameson North. According to police reports, he said he was "placed in fear of my safety" outside the bowling alley at 321 Victory Lane.

Police said he was the instigator and cited him for misdemeanor assault.

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