A woman who bragged on Facebook about cashing counterfeit checks around Lincoln won't be going on a spending spree anytime soon.

Lancaster County District Judge Stephanie Stacy on Tuesday sentenced 23-year-old Aloni Jones to six to 12 years in state prison on two felony forgery charges.

In March, Jones cashed at least four counterfeit rapid return income tax checks, each made out for $7,281.20, at Advance Cash, 2600 O St.; Cash Solutions, 3833 S. 48th St.; Red D Cash, 2601 N.  11th St.; and Moore Pawn, 1621 M St., according to an affidavit for her arrest.

The affidavit says Jones posted on Facebook a picture of herself flashing $100 bills along with such comments as: “Racked up stacked up and this anit even tax money that’s how we do it;” and “In Nebraska doin the fool when I get back to the d we go turn ALL the way up.”

She pleaded guilty July 31 to two felony forgery charges in exchange for the Lancaster County attorney's office dropping two more counterfeit charges.

She received credit for 148 days served.

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