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Lincoln police say three people reported Tuesday falling victim to online scams, collectively losing more than $5,000.

Officer Angela Sands said a 52-year-old is out $1,554 after posting an ad on Craigslist for his Mustang. The “buyer” agreed to pay $1,000, but sent a check for $2,554, saying to send the rest to a third-party in Virginia who would transport the car. After he transferred the money, he learned it was a scam.

Sands said a 66-year-old woman is out $4,200 after she got direct messages on Facebook from a friend who told her about a grant she got to pay bills and encouraged her to apply.

The Lincoln woman did, and was told she was approved for a $200,000 grant but had to pay a $4,200 fee to get the money. After she paid the money, she began to have concerns and called her Facebook friend, who said she had been hacked and didn’t send the messages.

And a 49-year-old woman is out $695 after trying to buy an English Bulldog she saw an ad for online. She was told to wire $495 to a Louisiana account and then to buy $250 in Amazon gift cards, which she did, and to go to the airport in Omaha to pick up the dog. But the dog never came.

Sands cautioned people to be aware of scams such as these and to look for red flags, such as a buyer sending a check above the agreed-upon price or seller asking to be paid in gift cards, or for a business asking for a fee to collect winnings.



Lori Pilger is a public safety reporter.

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