A 23-year-old Colorado man who hailed law enforcement to help him with a flat tire on Interstate 80, then got arrested for the 1 1/3 pounds of medical marijuana in his trunk, got 12 to 18 months in a Nebraska prison on the drug charge.

Otto Christofferson pleaded guilty to possession of more than a pound of marijuana. District Judge Robert Otte sentenced him Friday.

On Nov. 7, the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office says, Christofferson called several law enforcement agencies for help after he and some traveling companions got a flat tire near Waverly on I-80. They told him it was against policy to change tires for people, but the sheriff’s office agreed to help out.

A deputy swapped out the tire and offered to put the flat in the trunk.

When Christofferson opened it, the deputy found 1 1/3 pounds of medical marijuana and a receipt for it -- with Christofferson’s name on it.