Pinterest: Deer in wedding dress

When it comes to taxidermy on Pinterest, the picture of the deer head wearing a wedding dress knows no categories. (Courtesy photo)

Courtesy photo

Last month,, citing information from AppData, reported that a whopping 97 percent of people who have liked Pinterest on Facebook are women. So, what's that leave for guys to like about the place?

Generally, the answer is plenty. From exercise suggestions to recipes to architectural wonders, there are plenty of pins that can draw the interest of anyone.

There is also a thriving community of taxidermy enthusiasts among the ranks. A recent search for that and a few other possible terms of (m)endearment, returned mixed results and, in one case, absolutely nothing.

1. Sylvester Stallone. Most iconic actors and actresses returned a substantial amount of results. Steve McQueen has been pinned infinitely and the same goes for Jennifer Love Hewitt. (Yes, those are the first two celebrities I thought of, doctor.)

Not Sly. He returned only about 50 pins, though most of them were Rocky-related. Bonus points to the person who found a picture of Stallone winding up to fake-punch Andy Warhol in 1979. A million points to the person who pinned a picture of him arm-wrestling in "Over the Top."

Points deducted for the person who paired a photo of young Stallone and present-day Stallone alongside similar side-by-sides of Neil Young, Clint Eastwood, Brigitte Bardot and others. They were all pinned to the same board, entitled, "Old Age is Cruel."

Grade: C+

2. Taxidermy. The members of Pinterest enjoy a mounted animal head as much as anyone. However, many of those heads appeared to be crocheted likenesses of beasts that were never shot. Many more of the images were a variation on the theme of someone sitting in a wicker chair in a starkly lit setting with a stuffed head or seven looming above him or her. The picture of the deer head wearing a wedding dress knows no categories.

Grade: B+

3. Plumber. According to the U.S. Census, it's an occupation in which more than 90 percent of the workers are men. According to the search results, about 40 percent of the pins returned a Super Mario-related image. About 1 percent was a picture of a baby hedgehog in a sink.

Grade: A

4. Football injuries. No pin results. No pinboard results. Nada. "Sports injuries" returned 10 things and only one of them showed a wretched photo of a baseball player with a pretzel where his foot should have been. The worst result featured an all-natural ointment for injuries, carpal tunnel and the like. The cure-all resembled a glass vase filled halfway with honey. The photo of the honey vase was superimposed over a field of sunflowers.

Grade: F

5. BLTs. This should not be considered a declaration of the BLT as a gender-specific sandwich, though it's worth noting that the foremost piece of BLT abstract art was created by a man. Anyway, Pinterest is a bottomless pit of food pictures, and I was hungry and searched for the first thing that came to mind and LOOK! LITTLE BITE-SIZE BLTS THAT IS BRILLIANT. I WANT A GARBAGE BAG OF THEM PIN PIN PIN PIN.

Grade: A+

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