1877: A movement was started to promote the idea of lighting Lincoln streets with a gas light system.

1887: Fourteen Lincoln dairymen signed an agreement stating they would not sell milk for less than 6 cents a quart.

1897: Lincoln businessmen started an auditorium subscription fund with $250 each.

1907: A porter was fined $1.50 for driving a one-horse gig over the speed limit.

1917: Gov. Keith Neville threatened to suspend Omaha police officers who did not enforce the prohibition law.

1927: Federal agents and Lincoln police raided a Lincoln residence, securing considerable amounts of illegal liquor.

An opening-day attendance record was set at the Nebraska State Fair: 35,133.

1937: The opening of schools in Lincoln was postponed one week because of infantile paralysis in the area.

1947: Increases providing an additional $10 for each year of service were authorized for members of the state Safety Patrol.

1957: The University of Nebraska received $2 million from the estate of A.B. Sheldon for construction of an art gallery on campus.

A survey showed 10 percent of Lincoln city employees were moonlighting during their off hours to earn extra income.

1967: State Fair attendance, helped by a "parade of the century," favorable weather and the champagne music of Lawrence Welk, totaled 440,000, a record by 22,000.

Gov. Norbert Tiemann and U.S. Sen. Roman Hruska conferred but agreed their differences on Republican policy were not fully resolved.

1977: Statistics showed more Nebraskans divorcing each other and fewer getting married.

1987: Fifteen public and private schools in Lincoln teamed up with local businesses for "Ventures in Partnerships," a program sponsored by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Lincoln Education Association. Modeled after "adopt-a-school" efforts in Omaha and other cities, the fledgling program that began development in May showed great potential for the future.

1997: Huntington Elementary Schools students started classes 12 days after the regular school year because their classrooms were at State Fair Park while a new school was built at 4601 Adams St.

2007: Union College has reached an enrollment figure that hadn’t been seen in 24 years. Union offered free lunches and ice cream to all students and faculty to honor the 1,000 student mark.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Planning Commission will consider declaring as blighted 403 acres between downtown and Salt Creek as the site for a new arena, convention center. The planning commission’s vote is just a recommendation to the Lincoln City Council, which will also be asked to declare the area blighted in about a month.



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