Sara Brown

Sara Brown


Born and raised in Lincoln, Sara Brown is the regional vice president of development for the American Heart Association (executive director of the Lincoln AHA office). Brown graduated from Lincoln High School and is a University of Nebraska-Lincoln alum with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Before joining the AHA, she had an event-planning company and also started a citywide health challenge in both Lincoln and Omaha, “Wealth for My Health,” which was about overall wellness – mind, body and spirit.

Brown’s father survived a massive heart attack about 10 years ago, and Brown became involved with the AHA as a volunteer. In 2011, she officially joined the AHA as a fundraiser, working with the Heart Ball and Go Red for Women. She has two daughters, two dogs and two cats. This year’s AHA events include the Heart Ball in March, the Heart Walk in April and Go Red for Women in the fall.

What’s the most rewarding part about what you do?

Meeting the families who were blessed with more time together because of the work of the American Heart Association. One thing we can’t buy or get back is time with loved ones. I truly believe the AHA, every single day, is helping to create more memories. I speak from experience ... I’ve been given 10 more years with my dad because of the AHA. My oldest daughter just turned 10. Emma was blessed with the honor of hearing her biggest fan cheer her on at countless basketball games because of the work we do.

What is the biggest challenge about what you do?

There are so many local worthy and relevant causes in our community – many of which I am a part of! The challenging part is helping folks understand that because we are a national organization, change is happening not only on a macro level (policy change, treatment/prevention guidelines) but also a micro level (training your neighbors in bystander CPR, educating your youth on keeping your heart healthy at a young age, etc). The money and the impact stays local, despite us being a national organization.

What is your favorite part of Lincoln and why?

The people. The community. The familiarity. The feeling of home. No matter how many times I leave Nebraska (for business or pleasure), as soon as the wheels touch the runway upon coming back home, I know I’m back where I’m meant to be. Wherever I go, I always seem to meet a friend with roots in Nebraska. Connectedness – maybe that’s what I love most!

Is there something that people don’t know about you?

I recently summited a 14,000-foot mountain in Colorado and am already preparing for my second!

How do you take your coffee?

Black – with a heaping spoonful of ice.

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