Two trips to top of Alcatraz Island

2014-06-14T23:00:00Z Two trips to top of Alcatraz Island

In June of 2012, my dad and I took a trip to San Jose, Calif., to cheer on the gymnasts at the U.S. Olympic trials. Without much coaxing, he had agreed, so I could experience one of the biggest gymnastics meets that only comes around every four years. Not knowing the area, we got very familiar with the help of the GPS in our rental car, which Dad handled well -- even if he had to pull a U-turn on a very busy road in the middle of downtown San Jose!

In between meets, we had the opportunity to visit the 12-story-high Alcatraz Island. Dad was a trouper and walked up the incline to the top of the island not once, but twice, after finding out we missed one of the attractions. Needless to say, the morgue on the island was looking pretty inviting for a nap after those tough walks in the heat.

With all of the activities we wanted to squeeze in, there was little time for eating besides the occasional quick sandwich or snacks at the meet. We laugh about it today, but it was one of the hungrier trips we could remember.

On the final day of the trials, Dad expressed how glad he was that he had accompanied me and experienced the Olympic trials atmosphere and all the activities of the trip. I am so appreciative that he went on the trip with me that summer and that we could bring home many stories, of which we still reminisce and laugh about today.

-- Jennifer Romohr, Lincoln

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