Opioid bills advance from committee

The Judiciary Committee advanced three bills to the full Legislature that would address problems with opioid addictions and overdose deaths. The bills (LB931, LB933 and LB934) would notify patients, and parents of young patients, of the addictive nature of the drugs, provide a cap of seven days on prescriptions of the drugs for minors, and require identification from people picking up the drugs. The identification requirement bill would be amended by the committee to exempt patients and workers in health care facilities. The bills were advanced separately, but the intent is to put the bills together in a package, said Judiciary Chairwoman Laura Ebke. 

A transcriber's nightmare

James Sazama, a "Bohemian-American" from Omaha, drew interest from Sen. Carol Blood of Bellevue, who offered to converse with him in the Czech language during Thursday's Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee.

"Jak se máš," Blood greeted Sazama, but to her disappointment, Sazama was not fluent in the language spoken by an estimated 11 million people (including hundreds, if not thousands, in Wilber, the Czech Capital of the United States).

That the conversation didn't take place was much to the relief of the transcribers who create the official legislative record.

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