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When you’re having significant issues in your personal life, you may go to a therapist. But whom do you see about challenges in your work life? Who can understand what’s it’s really like to manage a team of disparate personalities? And who can help take some of the weight off your shoulders …

When you sign on to be a mentor to a junior employee, you probably think the arrangement is weighted in favor of the mentee. After all, the traditional dynamic sees you doing the bulk of the giving, while the latter just has to absorb your priceless wisdom and reap the rewards. But what you …

You’ve spotted a very attractive job opportunity, and you’re pretty confident you’ve got the skills and characteristics needed to net an offer from the company. There’s just one tiny thing that isn’t in your favor: location. If you were to get this job, you’d have to pack up and move closer …

In the old days, if a CEO was hired from outside the company, it was usually done as a last resort—either a suitable successor hadn’t been groomed or the current CEO was forced out suddenly. Times are changing, however, as more companies are purposely seeking outside CEOs, according to the latest CEO Success study from Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. The study revealed that from 2012 to 2015, boards chose an outsider CEO in 22% of planned turnovers, up from 14% from 2004 to 2007.

Job interviews are nerve-racking for even the most polished candidates and it’s all too easy to succumb to foot-in-mouth disease. Among the worst gaffes? When you can feel the wrong words leaving your lips while your inner voice is screaming, “No, no! Abort! Abort!” Fortunately, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve totally wrecked your chances at landing the job.

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Summer has unofficially started – and horrors – your business may still be in need of summer staff. While it may be seasonally appropriate to stick your head in the sand, it won’t get your summer hiring done before the last school bell rings.

It’s a good year to be graduating from college, but a tough year to be recruiting college graduates -- especially STEM college grads (science, technology, engineering and math.)