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"Girls." HBO's new show about four girls in New York City is getting rave reviews and comparisons to "Sex and the City." The first is deserved; the second is not. These girls struggle with money, relationships and jobs, but there are no lavish apartments or Manolos here, and the show and comedy is better for it. Lena Dunham, who created, produces, directes, writes and stars in the show, is phenomenally talented and incredibly funny. Her character, Hannah, is awkward, powerful, giving, self-absorbed, hopeful, despondent, insightful and clueless -- exactly like real 20somethings finding their way in adulthood. In the pilot, she tells her parents that she wants to be the voice of her generation. At just 25, Dunham may be that voice.

-- Megan Stubenhofer-Barrett

childhoodrelived.com. Lincolnite Angie Zmarzly vividly captures the humor and essence of growing up in the late ‘70s and ‘80s in this blog, which is often updated and always hilarious. She seems to remember every single detail of her childhood -- and has a lot of pictures to prove it -- and her recollections of celebrity crushes, field trips in rural Nebraska and family pictures from the late ‘70s will hit close to home. That's especially the case if you, like me, also had a huge crush on Shaun Cassidy, owned a Cabbage Patch Kid and star in pictures featuring fashions you'd like to forget. Thankfully, Zmarzly is willing to share hers with us all.

-- Kathy Steinauer-Smith

Deer Tick, "Tim." Taking its name from the Replacements' album of the same title, this EP from the country-tinged rock ‘n' roll band has five more beer-soaked, shaggily compelling songs that fittingly recall the ‘Mats at their best. Deer Tick is coming to Omaha at the end of May; I can't wait to hear the songs from "Tim" live.

-- L. Kent Wolgamott

MLB.com's Beat the Streak game/app. Roughly 390 guys are paid to hit baseballs at the highest level. You'd think it would be easy to predict one of them to get a hit on a given day -- but then Corey Hart goes and ruins everything with an 0-for-4 whiff-filled night against the Dodgers. So it goes with the Beat the Streak game, in which the goal is to pick a string of players over the course of the season to get hits in 57 consecutive games and virtually beat Joe DiMaggio's record. It's nearly impossible, which is why Major League Baseball is willing to give $5.6 million (before taxes and Champagne bath fees) to the first person to do it. The free mobile app gives you just enough info (batter vs. pitcher history) to make you think you're making an educated guess. Here's hoping I can at least complete a 35-game hitting streak, win that $50 MLB.com shop gift certificate and buy a nice set of Houston Astros coasters.

-- Cory Matteson