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2013-05-09T15:06:00Z 2013-05-09T15:23:06Z 'Poison Fish' by The Millions | Live VideoVideo by MICHAEL THURBER, words by MICHAEL TODD / Hear Nebraska JournalStar.com

Lori Allison said this might happen.

Now looking back at her interview from last year, one that previewed The Millions' reunion concert on Dec. 1, 2012, we know the answer to this question: Will there be more?

"We'll have friends coming from faraway places because we did it a lot," Allison said before the December show in Lincoln. "We have people that remember us in a lot of different places. So I don't think any of us are opposed if it would work out to do something somewhere else."

As proven by the hundreds of Millions fans who packed The Bourbon that night, this Lincoln band resonates strongly with their crowd. After forming in 1989, The Millions' audience expanded exponentially in the '90s when they signed to Smash Records, released their first album, M is for Millions, and competed with U2 on college and alternative radio at the time.

Despite the success, there is one part of the story before that Smash Records album, though, that needs told. The Millions had self-released a 12-song cassette called M is for Millions, of which only “Agnus Dei” made the 11-song Smash release without being rerecorded. Randy's Alternative Music record label — run by Randy LeMasters — will release a collection of those original cassette recordings.

With that, Hear Nebraska is proud to announce a concert with The Millions and opener UUVVWWZ at The Waiting Room, Friday, July 26 at 9 p.m. RSVP here. The show will celebrate the release of M is for Millions, the Randy's Alternative Music album. M is for Millions follows the first volume, Poison Fish, which was released in November 2012.

To preview the album and concert, see Allison on vocals, Marty Amsler on bass, Harry Dingman III on guitar and Brandon McKenzie on drums in this video of "Poison Fish" from The Millions' concert at The Bourbon in December:

Video edited by Michael Thurber

Audio by Mark Wolberg


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Matt Hovanec

Michael Thurber

Michael Todd

(Note: As announced on April 28, The Millions will also be playing the Maha Music Festival on Aug. 17.)

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