Jazz musician and Columbus native, Dave Basse, will be inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame during this year's Rivers Edge Music Festival at Ag Park.

Columbus Telegram

COLUMBUS — Five performers will be inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame during the third annual River's Edge Music Festival in Columbus.

Among the inductees is Dave Basse, a Columbus native who made a name for himself in the Kansas City jazz scene.

The award-winning jazz vocalist and 1972 Columbus High School graduate is coming home to perform with his quartet, The City Light Orchestra, during Saturday's event at Agricultural Park.

The other Nebraska Music Hall of Fame inductees who will be honored Saturday are:

Larry Good. After a foot injury ended his professional baseball career, Good moved to Columbus in the 1970s to perform with his band, The Good Times. The country music star who passed away in 2010 will be honored posthumously.

Tim and Mick Kovar. The David City brothers will mark 47 years of playing together with Saturday's performance. Their band, Bordertown, played its final show in 2013 at the Eagles Club in Lincoln.

Mark Vyhlidal. The self-taught Fremont polka musician started his first band in 1973 when he was 12 ye

Basse said his love of music started in his hometown.

“I remember hearing ‘Spinning Wheel’ by the band Blood, Sweat and Tears when I was a teenager,” Basse said. “I ran over to my friend at the radio station and got so excited about this song. I wanted to hear more from this band. They were jazz musicians that had a rock band and that was the combination of music that I really liked. That was the music I was gravitating toward."

The 1960s jazz fusion band provided the inspiration Basse needed to get his career rolling.

At age 14, he kicked off his professional career at the Sahara Lounge in Columbus, where he played six nights a week.

Having spent decades on the road and in studios, Basse has certainly seen his childhood dream come to fruition. He is looking forward to the trip back to Columbus, where it all started.

“If you don’t look back, it’s hard to really see how the trajectory of your life can change,” Basse said. “So going back to where I went to high school, it really takes me back. It’s the place where the vision of my life first became clear, so now I’ll be able to see how all the things I thought were so cool back then are exactly what I’m doing now.”

Rocks in a Pocket, Thudwinker and Nebraska Music Hall of Fame inductees Tim and Mick Kovar will also perform during the festival, which begins at 2 p.m. with the first performer starting at 3 p.m.

Tickets are $$20 at the door.

ars old. Three years later, the band added six members and a name — The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra, and since 1982, has released 12 recordings.


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