Collaborate The Masses brings music and art to Bourbon Theatre Friday

2011-08-31T23:20:00Z Collaborate The Masses brings music and art to Bourbon Theatre FridayBy L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star

"Collaborate the Masses: A Multi-Spectrum Random Act of Precision" is a big title for an intriguing event.

Timed to coincide with the First Friday artwalk, "Collaborate the Masses" will bring seven bands and about two dozen artists to the Bourbon Theatre in a showcase of Lincoln's creative community.

"It will be a one-day festival," said Joe Younglove, who will play with the band Time Hammer and show his artwork Friday. "It will be fascinating to see what's there. It's pretty much the most complete gathering of artists around. Sometimes I think Lincoln is a small town and I know everybody. But I meet so many people and see things I never knew about. It's really important."

Younglove met those people and saw the artwork at two previous events this year.

The first, on the First Friday in January, was dubbed "The Something Umbrella: The Embodiment of Lincoln's Creative Subculture." It drew 300 people to the WSI Hall to see six bands and the work of 25 artists.

"The turnout really showed us how, when encouraged to express themselves, the average person oozes creativity," organizer Eddie Steele wrote in an email. "Thanks to the event, we realized that in the idea of expression, we are all the same ... we all have a passion to express. This event gave us hope."

The second installment in the series, "Vim of the Virtuoso: A Multi-Spectrum Arts Festival," took place April 20 at the Bourbon Theatre, bringing in 233 people to see seven bands from seven genres, the work of 20 artists and the creation of four "live art" canvases.

All those elements and more will come together Friday for what should be the biggest event yet.

Bands that will play throughout the evening are Powerful Science, Man Mantis, Climates, Time Hammer, Digger Thompson's Kids and AZP.

Here's how Steele's email describes the rest of Friday's planned events:

"Again, 20-plus displayed visual artists, six live art canvases, two community canvases and an art raffle with proceeds to Hear Nebraska. Each live art canvas will be made from different material and each collaborated with different mediums. The two community art canvases will be a 5-foot and 7-foot metal mushrooms.

"There will be multiple interactive art booths. Food art, a black light bubble painting station, an interactive light show, a sidewalk chalk collaboration, a pocket junk collage. ... We've got some of Lincoln's best music and artists in Lincoln's top venue. Truly a random act of precision."

Younglove credits the diverse lineup to Steele. "Eddie's really good at finding artists. He's kind of like a magnet for experimental artists."

Those artists include Younglove's Time Hammer bandmate Conner Goertzen, who, with his solo project foam_form, will do a "musical arcade performance" that uses electronics and circuitry to create interactive experimental music.

Time Hammer, a hip-hop/funk/rock band, is really looking forward to the show.

"We get the opportunity to play the main stage and do as much as we can with that," Younglove said.

"I Like To Rap," Time Hammer's digital single, opens with the lyrics: "I like 2 rap and take a cat nap/I like 2 walk and color with chalk." Younglove will get to do plenty of chalk coloring Friday, taking part in the sidewalk chalk collaboration -- "that will probably be my biggest artistic addition to the night."

But he's just as excited to see the work of other artists, including some that are really on the edge.

"I"ve seen some of the food art before," Younglove said. "I didn't know there was a really adventurous cake artist in Lincoln, but they recruited them. In January, they had a really cool cake, it was like a nature scene with a tree as I remember. And they let you eat it. That's cool too."

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