Omaha Concert for Equality sold out

2010-07-29T23:00:00Z Omaha Concert for Equality sold outBy L. KENT WOLGAMOTT / Lincoln Journal Star

Saturday's Concert for Equality, put together by Conor Oberst to protest the Fremont immigration city ordinance and raise funds for the Nebraska Civil Liberties Union's legal challenge of it, is sold out.

Set for downtown Benson, the show will feature two of Oberst's bands: Bright Eyes and a reunion of Desaparecidos, who have not played together since 2002. Also reuniting for the show is Lullaby for the Working Class, the late 1990s band that featured Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes, his brother A.J., and Ted Stevens, now of Cursive, which also is on Saturday's bill.

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings also have been announced as performers at the show, which will begin at 5 p.m. if you have tickets. An aftershow, also sold out, is set for The Waiting Room.

Oberst talked about the Fremont anti-immigrant ordinance in an open letter to an Arizona concert promoter, explaining why he would not perform there:

"Just this past week, the little town of Fremont, Nebraska, passed a very similar, almost more radical, city ordinance," Oberst wrote. "I was outraged, saddened and embarrassed for their town and my state. I am already in the process of organizing a fundraiser for the Nebraska chapter of the ACLU, who is suing the town of Fremont. Our situation requires immediate legal action and a campaign for public awareness. ...

"I promise you, if this Fremont law had been passed statewide instead of in a rural town of 25,000 people, I would be the first to call for a boycott of my home state. This way of thinking and legislating is so dangerous, and such a threat to our basic ideals as Americans and humans, that we cannot stand by and do nothing."

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