Holiday lights, 12.18.2017

Holiday decorations at Mike Cruce's home at 5810 S. 88th St. follow the theme of "Nightmare Before Christmas." The Cruces have had the theme for a few years now and add a few new characters each year. 

KAYLA WOLF, Journal Star

Here are reader submissions for holiday light displays in and around Lincoln: 


* Multi-colored lighting, inflatables, multiple projectors, candy cane walkway, Nativity scene and 16,000+ lights cover two-story home and yard, 6800 Marcus Road

* Beautifully decorated yard, 5143 Garland St.

* Christmas trees with thousands of colorful lights fill all four sides of the yard, 52nd and Garland streets

* Historical Christmas Palace, with wrap-around porch lit with beautiful colors emphasizing the character of the home, 919 C St.

* Realistic-looking Santa in window checking his list and putting gifts under the tree, Christmas wreaths, lights, trees, candy canes, Nativity scene, 6234 Franciscan, east of South 84th Street, off Foxtail Drive

* Handmade Disney and cartoon characters, thousands of lights, Nativity scene, Santa on the roof with his reindeer, elves climbing ladders, 30-foot Merry Christmas sign on roof, candy canes, 2430 Dorothy Drive

* Thirty-five handmade displays include eight-foot Santa, Rudolph pulling Santa out of chimney, Santa with sleigh and four reindeer on roof, four-foot wreaths, dozens of candy canes, Christmas socks, trumpets, bells and trees and three star showers light displays covering entire home, 2309 N. 76th St.

* A variety of Christmas inflatables, including snowmen, hot air balloon and Santa in sleigh with reindeer, 8001 S. 17th St.

* Sixty homemade cutouts include Grinch and characters, Santa, toy village and Nativity scene, 10,000 lights, variety of displays in front and back yards (from 5 p.m.-midnight daily), 900 N. 96th St.

* Numerous lighted displays, 1101 N. 97th St.

* Decorated houses between 96th and 100th streets from O Street to Holdrege Street

* Winter Wonderland, 9645 Iron Gate Court

* All LED light display with inflatables in yard and on roof, 3350 Orchard St.

* Thousands of lights synchronized to music, several inflatables, including Santa and huskies on the roof, 7220 Colby St.

* All LED light display with motion, front and back yards decorated (view the backyard from W. Washington Street), 1531 SW 25th St.

* Christmas light display that rivals "Clark Griswald's Christmas Vacation," 4900 NW 10th St.

* Luminarias will be lit on Christmas Eve by Near South Neighborhood Association, along Goodhue Boulevard from 15th and A streets to the State Capitol Building

* Lights, inflatables and music, 11th and Vale streets

* Festive yard display, 1611 Benton St.

* Blue ice lights, 812 W. Godfrey Drive

* Christmas train outlined with lights, 1919 Otoe St.

* 24,000 lights display, 2400 Lake St.

* Enchanted Forest" with 12,132 lights (many synchronized to music), 40 flashing stars and a Santa surrounded by adoring mice, "Joy" centerpiece, 5521 Pawnee St.

* Over 10,000 lights with several inflatables, including one that is 15-feet tall and 23-feet wide (can be seen behind the house from 40th Street), 7543 S. 41st St.

* Over 7,000 animated LED lights dance to traditional Christmas songs, a Star Wars Medley and "Joy to the World" (new this year -a Pentatonix song), listen at 96.5 FM radio, Campus Life, 6401 Pine Lake Road

* Light display choreographed to Christmas music, 2463 N. 88th St.

* Amazing light display with sparkle everywhere, homemade decorations including 11-foot Mickey Mouse, Santa climbing to the roof and a 20-foot North Pole, 507 Trail Ridge Circle

* Christmas lights display, 9495 Northern Sky Road

* Christmas lights display, 9441 Southern Sky Circle

* Christmas lights display, 1111 N. 97th St.

* A musical tree forest and inflatables which include Chase, Skye, Grinch, Minions, an eye blinking snowman and Santa in the outhouse, 519 Eldora Lane

* House completely covered in lights and front yard filled with inflatables with Christmas music in the background, 3636 Vine St.

* Giant evergreen decorated with large bows and lights, 1531 S St. (in front of UNL Alpha Phi Sorority House, next to the Union)

* Christmas lights and inflatables including Santa and helpers hauling a tree in a pickup, Christmas trees and wrapped presents, 2213 Old Glory Road

* Thousands of LED lights decorate handmade trees and from the peak of the garage to the trees in the yard and are set to music, 2531 Marilynn Ave.

* Sugar plums, angels, "Canon Rock" and more lighting sequenced to Christmas music, 3200 Rock Creek Road

* Great light display synchronized to Christmas music on local radio station, 4840 N. 20th St.

* Colorful lighted "Happy Freakin' Holidays" sign on tree trunk, 1621 Manatt St.

* Lovely light display, 2230 S. 49th St.

* Christmas lights, 7621 Cherrywood Drive

* Vibrant and flashy Christmas trees front yard festive display, 707 Indian Hills Drive (backyard backs up to east corner of 84th Street and Sandalwood Drive)

* White lights on eaves, columns and Christmas tree in window, colored lights in upstairs windows and row of lighted candy canes along front porch, 3315 R St.

* Love Christmas lights on fence, house  and bushes, 3912 Touzalin Ave.

* Santa and elves on tricycles, 3345 F St.

* Houses and yards decorated with beautiful lights and displays, West A Street from S. Coddington Ave. to S. 40th St.

* Meadowlane Association's 2017 Christmas lighting award, house and garage covered with lights and a 60-foot tree with the illusion of droplets of water cascading down till it hits the bottom branches as dripping icicles, 7330 Starr St.

* Meadowlane Association's 2017 Christmas second place lighting award, 7836 Broadview and honorable mentions at 611 Jeffery Drive, 534 Skyway Road and 631 Skyway Road

* Full size hand-painted nativity scene, hand made elves, ferris wheel, penguins helping in Santa village and animation in window, 5940 Abigail Drive

* Lights choreographed to music, 431 Hazelwood Drive.

* Beautiful multi-colored luminary lined walk and driveway and light display, 7600 Azalea Pl.

* Light display, 636 W. Joel St.

* Pretty Christmas lights, 434 N. 26th St.

* Lovely lights, 6508 Havelock Ave.

* Christmas lights, 7540 Lexington Ave.

* Christmas lights, 2315 Winding Ridge Road


* "Magical Lights of Malcolm," lights choreographed to music (in support of Malcolm's Field of Dreams), 13240 W. Bluff Road, Malcolm

* Over 75 trees with red bows and lit with white lights, large lit Nativity scene and a train, 1511 Ridge Run, Seward

* Christmas lights display, 8978 W. Agnew Road, Valparaiso

* Large lights display, Christmas movie projector in window, Santa looking out of window, inflatables, snowman, nativity scene, deer, Christmas tree and Santa's workshop, 11320 N. 144th St., Waverly.

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