Hey, college students settling into Lincoln: We're happy you're here.

With the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Nebraska Wesleyan just under way and Union College starting Tuesday, the Star City has the feel of a shiny new academic year.

We're here to help. We don't want you to starve, so we've pulled together a look at Lincoln's taco scene. And we've got some serious advice, too, on how to address your profs and some adjustment tips for the newbies on campus.

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Tacos every day in Lincoln

Sunday: Jack's, 3/$1 (100 N. Eighth St.)

Monday: Randy's Grill and Chill, 3/$1.50 (4947 Holdrege St.)

Tuesday: 12th Street Pub, 2/$1, (12th and O); Watering Hole, 3/$1 (1321 O St.)

Wednesday: Danny's Downtown Deli, 6/$5 or $.99 each (941 O St.)

Thursday: Knickerbockers, 25 cents each (901 O St.); Cappy's, 50 cents each (5560 S. 48th St.)

Saturday: Well, there's not a taco night on Saturday, but make your own at home. Don't be lazy!

Wildcard: Amigo's 5/$5.95 on the 5th of every month (13 locations -- nearest to UNL at 1411 Q St.).

An interview with Lincoln's taco-eating champion: Allan Schleich

Schleich and his friend's roommate, Colby Woodson, hold the title of Lincoln's taco champions, each eating 69 bean tacos at Knickerbocker's 25-cent taco Thursday. Schleich also holds the beef taco record at 54. Woodson has the record at Jack's, with 34. Here's what Schleich had to say about the experience.

Journal Star: Why aren't you dead?

Allan Schleich: I don't know. I probably should be.

JS: Did your friends put you up to this?

AS: Nah. I've always been able to eat a lot. I used to do the medical studies at MDS Pharmaceuticals and you had to fast for 24 hours or 12 hours so basically you would go a whole day without eating. They usually were on Wednesdays or Thursdays so my friends and I would go to Knickerbockers, and I was really hungry,  so I attempted to beat the record.

JS: What were your tactics? Did you drink beer with it? Did you build up to this goal?

AS: I had one beer through the whole thing (it took him about an hour). You just have to power through it. Drink a little as you go and eat as fast as possible and get it in there before you start to feel full. Chewing it as small as possible also helps.

JS: Did you throw up during this taco binge?

AS: It's a rule that you can't puke right after eating. I knew if I went for the 70th, I would've puked. I held it for 40 minutes and then puked hard.

JS: When was the next time you ate tacos?

AS: I think I went a month before even looking at Mexican food again.

JS: Lincoln has taco nights pretty much seven days a week. How long do you think college students could survive on just tacos alone?

AS: I bet you could do it forever. You could switch up between bean and meat. You're getting most of the food groups. You might hate yourself, but it's doable.

JS: So what other contests have you done? What's next?

AS: None really. I want to beat Colby's record at Jack's Bar. I think I can. Our bands have played together a lot -- it's a friendly rivalry. But next, I want to do the Stellanator challenge at Stella in Bellevue. (It's six burger patties, six slices of cheese, six layers of bacon, six eggs and peanut butter on the bun, plus fries that you have to eat in 45 minutes).

JS: May God have mercy on your soul. Good luck to you.

AS: Thanks.

Q&A with the Hood Internet's STV SLV (Steve Reidell) about the mashup duo's Album Tacos Tumblr page, http://albumtacos.tumblr.com/.

JS: Could you describe the origins of the Album Tacos Tumblr? Did you think that, after the first album was tacoed, you were witnessing the birth of what would become an award-winning blog?

HI: Ha ha, you said "award-winning." Much like The Hood Internet, we just started a website with no real intent for its trajectory. The simple truth is that people love music and tacos.

JS: What are some of your favorites?

HI: Too many to list. Once we opened it up for submission there were so many great ones. The Warhol museum's Twitter account mentioned the Velvet Underground "Andy Warhol" take

JS: Are there any album covers that are untacoable? After seeing the 'B' on the White Album replaced with a taco, I'm guessing not.

HI: Perhaps the final version of Spinal Tap "Smell The Glove," or John Cage's "4'33".

JS: Tacos are made by taking a dizzying spectrum of ingredients and uniting them to form something people are happy to devour. Do you see any similarities between the art of making tacos and the art of mashing up songs? In this horrible analogy, would the Hood Internet be the shell? The hot sauce?

HI: We appreciate your acknowledging the quality of your analogy, and while we don't necessarily see any similarities, I think the correct answer is "chorizo."

JS: Do you sell album taco shirts at Hood Internet shows, and if so, how much for the Mellon Collie one?

HI: No... and, $100.

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