Smooth Operator book cover
G.P. Putnam’s Sons

“Smooth Operator” by Stuart Woods and Parnell Hall, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 339 pages, $28

Teddy Fay gets his own book now. He is one of the more interesting characters in Stuart Woods’ long list of novels.

Fay is highly intelligent but with a twisted moral sense. He was long an engineering genius with the Central Intelligence Agency, in charge of their exotic weapons division. Then, seeing the dysfunction of the nation’s capital and its politicians, he decided to start his own culling process, killing some of the most egregious examples of corruption. This naturally caught people’s attention and Fay had to disappear.

Now he is back making an honest living as a Hollywood film producer with a full but secret presidential pardon. Stone Barrington, a main character for Woods and star of his entire series of books, wants Fay for a job only he can accomplish. It is all explained at a State Dinner with the President and just getting to that dinner puts Stone in danger.

Fast-moving, full of action, sexy and now with a very bright, devious new hero in Teddy Fay, this is another quick read from an author who knocks these out three or four a year. It is like eating forbidden fruit, sugary cotton candy or forbidden chocolate brownies with nuts. You know it isn’t good for you, but you can’t put it down!

Just go ahead and read it.

Francis Moul, Ph.D, reads all the Stuart Woods books then takes a break to recharge his mind.


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