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Bathroom hand dryers blow germs back at you, study says

Of all the potential grossness one could encounter in a public bathroom, you might assume the hand dryer is a relative safe zone. You would be wrong. Read more


At Viking club in West Lincoln, ax throwing, armored battle and a question about booze

The Viking lodge is hard to find, hidden behind an unmarked shop door in the industrial fringe of West O Street. Read more

Avoid these weight-loss mistakes

From juice cleanses to super-early workouts, find out how common "good for you" fitness practices might actually be making it harder for you to get in shape. Despite what you may have heard, running or spinning shouldn't be your only workouts-- strength training is vital to fitness, too. Read more

Calcium, vitamin D and fractures (oh, my!)

When I saw the headlines about this recently published study on bone health saying " Vitamin D and calcium supplements may not lower fracture risk." I thought: Wait, that's news? I think I remember seeing that headline a few years ago. Read more



In-home care options for Southeast Nebraska people

Look at local, professional care & support options for a parent, spouse or family member who needs some extra help.

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8 things to do if you encounter a mountain lion

Know what to do if you encounter a mountain lion. Here are eight tips from Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks. Read more

5 effective (and free) online workouts you can do at home

Whether you're not into expensive trendy fitness classes or just don't feel like leaving your house to get a good workout, here's a look at… Read more

Which candies pack the most sugar?

While it's unlikely that candy will ever be classified as healthy fare, some confections have a lot more sugar jam-packed into their bright… Read more

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How insulin works in the body

Sinai Medical Center, New York City. Each time you eat, your body breaks down food into glucose-- and that's where insulin comes in. This hormone, produced by the beta cells of the pancreas, is the key that unlocks your cells and allows sugar to enter. Read more

Serving as caregiver takes toll as you age

As people live longer, caregivers can expect to spend years caring for a spouse or even a parent. And older caregivers, many in their seventies or eighties themselves, often grapple with special challenges: their own failing health, isolation as friends die and physical tasks that can strain aging... Read more

Cut the saturated fats

The 411 on why and how to limit these fats in your diet. Chances are, nothing good comes to mind when you hear those words. That's because research has proven again and again that diets high in saturated fats increase LDL cholesterol in blood, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Read more