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Vegetarian options at fast-food restaurants

Check out these meat-free options at fast-food joints. Read more

Americans told to toss romaine lettuce over E. coli fears

PHOENIX (AP) — U.S. health officials on Friday told consumers to throw away any store-bought romaine lettuce they have in their kitchens and warned restaurants not to serve it amid an E. coli outbreak that has sickened more than 50 people in several states. Read more

Independently owned Danny's Downtown Deli offers heros, sandwiches and burgers

If one wants to find Daniel Patrick, there is a good chance he could be spotted near the corner of 10th and O streets inside Danny’s Downto… Read more

Domino's now delivering pizzas to park benches and beaches

Domino's now delivers to park benches, sports fields and even at the beach. Read more


8,000 Disneyland tickets stolen from youth farming group

GALT, Calif. (AP) — Thieves made off with 8,000 Disneyland tickets worth about $800,000 when they stole a box trailer from a youth agricultural education organization that was going to distribute them to participants at a conference in Southern California, officials said. Read more

Snowmelt floods roads, fields in much of northern Montana

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Runoff from a winter that approached or exceeded record snowfall across much of Montana is washing out roads, flooding fields and spilling rivers and streams over their banks much of the northern part of the state. Read more

Chicken in a pressure cooker takes the pressure off dinner

Not a day goes by that I don't get a recipe request or question about the Instant Pot. So, dear readers, today is the day for my starter recipe for you Instant Pot (Multi-Pot, etc.) fans. Read more

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Which canned tuna makes best tuna salad? 13 brands rated

Chicago Tribune staff tasted 13 brands of canned light tuna to find which makes the best tuna salad for sandwiches or other favorite uses. … Read more

What are the best frozen chicken nuggets? Store brands put to test

The Chicago Tribune tested grocery store chicken nuggets with chef Stephanie Izard, the first female chef to win Bravo's "Top Chef." Here a… Read more

Red Vines salsa, anyone? Here are 5 ways to celebrate National Licorice Day

April 12 is National Licorice Day. Of course, you could celebrate simply by eating some licorice, but why not step it up a notch? Read more

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Roasted radishes mellow them into the perfect side dish

We're not a huge radish-eating country here in the United States, and I think that's a mistake. Read more

Today's Special: Leftover cheeses can be used for quiche, soups or omelets

I love to cook dishes that are comforting, generous and full of flavor, like the foods my mom used to make. We loved cheese in any form in our house - from grilled cheese sandwiches to macaroni and cheese and cheesecakes. No other food is so ideally suited to cooking as cheese. Fortunately, my refrigerator is always full of cheeses like good cheddar, gruyere or a collection of odds and ends ... Read more

Diabetes Quick Fix: Chicken and Garlic Greens with Spicy Sauteed Potatoes

Top grilled chicken with baby greens for a surprisingly different dinner. In this recipe baby greens, also known as field greens or mesclun, are sauteed with garlic as a colorful topping for chicken. If you can't find the baby greens in the supermarket, you can use a soft lettuce such as bib. Sauteing the greens for a minute enhances the flavor while retaining some of its crunch. Potatoes ... Read more



Southeast Nebraska people no longer have to spring-clean their gutters

Skip gutter cleaning this spring.


Safe stair climbing for Southeast Nebraska seniors

Live independently in your multi-story home without the fear of falling.