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Baiting animals for easy hunting banned in Nebraska

What American dentist Walter Palmer did -- using bait to lure Cecil the lion out of the African conservation park -- is as illegal in Nebraska…

A conversation with Chris and Judy Beutler

Judy Beutler is proud of her husband and all that he has accomplished for Lincoln. “I think he’s really made an effort to pull people together…

Brinkman to seek County Board seat in 2016

A high-profile proponent of the Pinnacle Bank Arena bond issue wants to take a seat on the Lancaster County Board.

Nonunion county employees to get 2.5 percent raise

Lancaster County leaders expressed support Thursday for a 2.5 percent salary increase for 255 non-unionized employees.

Mayor picks elevated roundabout for Warlick intersection

The city will build an elevated two-lane roundabout above a traditional intersection to replace the current tangle of intersections at Warlick…

Lincoln woman works to improve transportation

Ruth Firley, a self-described rabble-rouser, is starting a group that will work to make sure seniors and people with handicaps have good cab a…

Transport Plus likely to get StarTran contract

Transport Plus, the company that last year lost the StarTran contract to provide rides to people with handicaps, is back on the bus.

Debate on tap: Should beer flow at NU games?

The question of serving beer at Nebraska basketball games has come around again as a consulting firm studies fiscal figures. Mayor Chris Beutl…

County appoints new veterans service officer

Lancaster County leaders welcomed a new face to county government Tuesday, appointing Rick Ringlein to replace Gary Chalupa as the county’s ne…