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We’re your handy reference guide to what's happening

Here’s your answer to the ongoing question, “Where do we go to (fill in the blank)?

You’ll find the answers inside the 2018 edition of the Star City Sports SPORTS PAGES Directory.

It’s a compendium of what’s available, where and from whom. From baseball to billiards, football to figure skating … if it’s in the Lincoln area, you’ll find it in the SPORTS PAGES Directory. Yu’ll want to keep this publication in an easy-to-find place and refer to it often.

If you’re one of our many loyal readers who have picked up any of our previous directories, you’re aware of the value of this guide and its long shelf life. If you’re a SPORTS PAGES newcomer, welcome aboard.

The SPORTS PAGES directory is an informative reference guide, a summary of who’s who in Sports, Fitness and Family Activities in the Capital City.

Have a penchant for pool? Hot for health clubs? A desire for disc golf or a dance studio. You’ve come to the right place.

We’re delighted you have chosen to make our publication a part of your lifestyle. Additional copies of the Star City Sports SPORTS PAGES Directory are available in Lincoln and 23 surrounding communities at free rack locations. You can also access the complete SPORTS PAGES Directory on our popular website Just click on the “Directory” tab.

If you are a member of a club, organization or business and didn’t find your listing in this year’s SPORTS PAGES, or would like to update your listing, please send us an email or give us a call and we would be happy to include you. The FREE listing form is in this directory.

SPORTS PAGES is the perfect resource as you answer the common question: Where do we go? Who do we call?

Well, now you know!

Dennis Buckley, Editor

Neighborhood Extra & Star City Sports